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Default Help out a newbie?

So I've decided to do alchemy as it's an easy way to make kinah. I've been doing work orders since that's supposed to be the quickest way to level up. Problem is, I screwed up one too many times and I'm out of the issued material. I don't have enough to fulfill the work order and I don't think Diana can give me more. Help?
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Default Re: Help out a newbie?

Go into your quest log (check the different tabs) and cancel the work order.
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Default Re: Help out a newbie?

^ Yes this is the only way I'm afraid. You will have to start the Work Order over. Here is a crafting tip: To avoid more failures, try selecting a Work Order 5-10 points lower than your current lvl. IE: If your at 210 points, then you will want to do a lvl 200 Work Order.
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Default Re: Help out a newbie?

You have to keep abandoning the quests that you either don't have enough of or fail. It's more try, try again. Usually there will be that one crafting that will have multiple fail attempts and you just gotta start new. I'm now 400+ in alchemy and it took forever it seems to get this high...

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