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Default Smithing 4.7-5.0

Last time i played i was a little above 500 lvl weapon or armorsmith i guess.
There were introduced new designs with hardcore to get mats. Lkke for longtooth katalium extendy.
I am sure it became easy later..
So how does it look like now?
I will soon join Aion back, farm for ac mythic.
Can crafting help mi get better/ easier gear than content?
I will have ac mythic, have bm accessories, dunno if i will get any easy from quest like archdaeva wings.
Maybe i should try accessory crafting to supplement gearing?
How does it look like now?

Thanks in advance,
Sword lover
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Default Re: Smithing 4.7-5.0


since 4.0 the crafts were hard to do. As you remember, was so expensive to craft a weapon or an armor. Still was a good time for handicraft, Alchemy or Cooking.

In the new 5.0 we do not have a single new crafting recipe. Instead of that we have some morphs recipes. So everyone can morphs the new items, and the professions are just for the 4.9 or lesser items. Still Alchemy and Cooking have some things to craft (maybe even handicraft can be usefull), but you can imagine that the old armor and weapon recipes are now more outdated, and since fewer players are farming those materials, probably are more expensive.

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