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Default 5.0 PvE for Aethertechs

Alright, I'm looking to find a good base of knowledge for what to do with my gear going forward. In previous patches for PvE it was generally MB/Parry and MB/HP builds for IS/DD gear, but what of the new manastones? HP has it's own stone type now and you can't mix MB/HP because MB is on Knowledge now. Does this mean AT can no longer tank in places like AoE? Furthermore, is Mythic AC sufficient for the newer instances or are we looking for new drops? I also need to be able to give my legion directions, as I have new ATs looking to me for gearing advice.
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Default Re: 5.0 PvE for Aethertechs

Get full new AC gear and enchant it +10 u will get around 4.3k Mb, 2.2k Ma, 300 crit spell and 18k Hp with around 3.5k-4k def ^_^ .
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