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Default WTB Weaponsmithing Services on IS-E

~~~Edit: Found a weaponsmith; you may go back to your EB now~~~

I need someone on Israphel Elyos to craft 2~4 ophidan daggers for me. I have (or will have, soon) the materials. If you don't have the ophidan dagger and/or ophidan rod designs, I can try and provide some of the divine balaur hearts for those, but I might pay less.

505p or higher weaponsmithing; mail me in-game if you can do this for me. Paying 70~100m (70kk~100kk), or around that minus the cost of the divine balaur hearts if you don't have the designs. I will still pay the same amount if a craft fails, but you will have to craft it again (I can get the materials again).
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