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Default Questions about gears & need advice

Hi guys, I have some questions and need advice for my outdated gears. My condition is I am casual player who never do IS/IO/OB/DD/DR and those pvp instances except dred.
Here's my recent gears:

- PVE DPS: ORB mythic 1 set (I am still ok with this set since I only use this set for easy instances and daily quests, but an upgrade would be nice).
- PVE support: mix kahrun & primal gears +10, full HP socketed (my HP is 20k if I use this set with support stigma).
- PVP: Eternal abyss 60 set (I don't remember which one, but not the top tier).

Now I have plan to upgrade my gears, especially for PVE gears since I'm not into PVP. So these are my questions:

1. Can I go with my recent support gears to IS/DD/Adma Fall/TTC? I did EB once and put in group 1, and we were okay 'till finish.

2. I want to upgrade my pve support gears to AC mythic and socket with full HP, but when I see the stat, it doesn't have healing boost and concentration like kahrun. Is AC mythic gears is good for PVE support?

3. Is it ok as support to have mythic AC set +5 for all new instances?

4. If I have eternal AC gears +10, plan to upgrade to mythic, will I lose my enchanment and get +5 instead as default?

4. With this new system about essence point, do we have to rely on agility for concentration and healing boost manastone only to boost our heals?

5. For PVP gears, I've read somewhere on this forum that we can upgrade BM eternal gears we have to mythic, but I don't see the option at the NPC in redemption landing, all I see is just buy new one. Should I enchant eternal BM +10 to make the option available or did I misundestand about BM upgrade?

Thank you :)
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Default Re: Questions about gears & need advice

1. yes
2. no, ac is bad for support
3. no, your current gear is better (but get the ac mythic weapon)
4. yes
4 (another 4?) dont get agility
5. the npc is next to where you reskin gear
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Default Re: Questions about gears & need advice

Originally Posted by Wati - Israphel View Post
4. With this new system about essence point, do we have to rely on agility for concentration and healing boost manastone only to boost our heals?
The amount of concentration you get from Essence is outright terrible, even if you went tryhard and made +10 Agility stones (which would cost you a fortune, don't do this) you'd end up with less concentration than what you get from simply using kahrun armor + concentration accs (Rentus shield + any conc helm). If you want concentration stick to old gear, which is still perfecly fine for pve healing (our chanter heals DD/AoE and all other pve on her kahrun gear with no issues).

About HB, as a chanter you can slot full HB on your support gear (preferably IO gear due to the ancient slots which give better HB than regular stones) and still have enough HP to survive whatever damage you take in pve. People who insist on silly HP reqs have zero idea of instance mechanics, if you pay attention to boss skills and use your CDs wisely you can wing it just fine even at 17K ~ 18K HP on harder instances, and easy instances you could do them naked.

Once you reach L70 you'll have enough Essence points to boost your skills (as in, enough points to put several skills at +5), that's another way of boosting your heals on parallel with investing on healing boost gear/stones.

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Default Re: Questions about gears & need advice

Thank you Teen and Hinotorii for your replies.
Last night was my first adma fall run, and I did it well, not that hard as I thought. My first experience with tahabata in TS was harder than adma fall. I remember there was an adma group who required word of instigation to join, I have that skill but because they asked "special skill", I thought that instance is gonna really hard and I'm not gonna make it with my recent support gear. Now I know, they just overreacted about new instances :P

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