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Default Asmodain Legion <DeMiGoDz>.

First off I am the BG (leader) of the legion. It was given to me due to the old leader not playing much. We have about 80 members in legion but don't let it fool you we have many alts. We are a small group of friends who have stayed with each other for a pretty good time now. We are very laid back and relaxed group who throw little funny insults at each other so please never take us seriously. It is the Internet after all, we try and have some laughs/fun.

So I will say we probably don't have much to offer like the big legions that have 30 or 40 members online at a time. Just wanted to get that out there.

We are an English speaking legion with teamspeak 3, also we are level 8. We like to work as a group to better ourselves as a group/squad.

We are mostly PVPers who do open world dailies and quest or just to PVP cause PVPislyfe.

We do it to make kinah for PVP but mostly we don't do much PVE. I personally don't do any 5.0 instances cause they don't offer much other then taking up time. We would rather 2-3 man the 5.0 instances for omegas and DE's.

We also like to PVP in lfg.

All my toons are in my signature if you need to get ahold of me, my Songweaver is my main and best chance to get ahold of me. Any questions ask here or mail/ try and get ahold of me in game.

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Default Re: Asmodain Legion <DeMiGoDz>.

I have a templar alt..... level 50 its a twink in process if you would allow it to join that would be awesome thanks c:

I'll post an application when i can and when you respond

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