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Default "Newish" player lf legion

Hi, I am new to end game content, I played a long time ago back in 3.0+ and some again in 4.0+ but only ever gotten a character to level 65 on Elyos once, am a Asmodian now and didn't play much after since I got really lost on what to do next.

Currently I have a level 66 Gladiator which is my main, a Chanter which is a "Sub-main" Made him to play through the game with a relative and really enjoyed the style of play. Lastly a level 37 Sorcerer which was my first character I made when I came back but I felt like I wouldn't be to good with him in PvP.

I am looking for a legion that is purely English. It's fine if people speak another language in chat, at least they understand what I am typing. Need a helpful legion that can help and show my noob self what to do to get geared. I asked plenty of times on forums but was always lost to what they were talking about. Don't think this matters to much but I love to PvP, am I good at it, probably not (heck no I stink.) but I am fine with doing loads of PvE content if I need to. PvP is just my main focus.

Think this is long enough now, thanks for taking a look.
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