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Default Glad vision stigma

Which one is the best ?

my current set is
GREEN : lockdown,earthquake wave and draining blow
BLUE : Sure strike,Exhuasting wave,Severe Precision Cut
GOLD : None

I really love this set up but battle banner from this set up seems like mini iron skin for glad but I don't know how long the flag lasting tho.

Wind lance seems great 2.1k dmg aoe 25m around me plus stumble 1 min cd but 2sec cast time but at cost losing exhausting wave and severe precision cut(losing 1 aoe from original set up)

Unraveling Assault seems good single attack multicast 3 times 2.7k dmg with 1m30sec cd but not worth to losing sure strike which does 2.5k dmg and 30 sec cd

I love aoe 25m a lot but I hate 2 second cast time or I should stay with old stigma set up ?
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Default Re: Glad vision stigma

I'd say ankle snare, lockdown, draining, sure strike, sharp strike, exhaust wave with banner vision. I'd prefer the wind lance over it but I wouldnt dare going its stigma course.... earthquake wave sounds good in theory but in practive it's use is very limited unless its a group battle, or it was mobile somehow....

SPC is awesome, i love it, but its a one off, you may take it over sharp strike but sharp strike is a low cd mobile damaging skill. SPC and all off aoe (mad dog) build works fine with dredgion or idgel dome, but on random 1 on 1 pvp's you'll prefer the single target ones imo. imo really.

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