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Default Re: Templar PVE stigma and dps

Originally Posted by Nelewen - Siel View Post
Hi again aftershock my friend is a fan of you,you're her idol she said,she watched your pvp videoes all time.

She's main a templar and she said sword/shield is better dps than greatsword I think there's some truth behind it.

-I found out this sentence is truth when reroute power buff is up,attack speed of sword is greatly affect performance of RP(when RP is off switch to greatsword)
-There's also an archdaeva shield skill that drain HP and low cd

I'm thinking to invest a mythic ac sword I already invest mythic lunar shield.

I'd wager it really depends. If you actually have shields skills up, I'd say go for it, but again skill damage is increased with greatsword, so you have to take the difference into consideration as well. What she needs to do to determine if the damage difference is significant is run a DPS test with ARM or Aidps. Both are safe, reliable programs to test damage.

I have the archdaeva skill; it is a revamp of avenging shield and a great revamp at that. I was quite happy to see that skill go from bland damage to a useful utility.

I like to hear that... Something I never did quite enough of was try different things extensively. I always just grabbed the meta build at the time and went for it. My fighting style I just... developed on my own. People would tell me something I was doing wrong, or cheesy, and I would adjust so they wouldn't complain anymore. After a few years I sort of just.. put it all together. blah blah blah...

Anyway, there's a lot of consideration that needs to go into a final conclusion about this X/shield vs GS for damage thing... It's good to see it is still an ongoing discussion though.

Also tell her thanks for watching. I'm sure some of it is painful lol.
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