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Default Can we get a comprehensive explanation on melee DPS stats?

Hello fellow chanters, I have a couple of questions about our target stats in a DPS role... sorry if the subject was already covered but I still have some doubts.

I have an AC mythic set that I like to tune exclusively for PVE DPS (with a support spec, eg. w/instigation as linked stigma); slowly I'm enchanting the set pieces but I don't know for sure which numbers should I aim for. For starters, since its a pve set i was thinking Crit/Attack.

I heard people throws usually throws around numbers like 3100~3400 acc, 1100 crit and 1k or more attack. Are those numbers correct? More interestingly so, from where comes those numbers? I like to understand the reasoning behind them.

I know there must be some great theorycrafters out there, please help! Thank you.
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Default Re: Can we get a comprehensive explanation on melee DPS stats?

Monsters have evade, parry, block. Somewhere around 3300~ so you need to counter that with accuracy. They also have critical strike resistance, new bosses have a lot.. like 900 so you need to counter that with plenty of critical strike.

After you meet those requirements then you get as much attack. Simple right.
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Default Re: Can we get a comprehensive explanation on melee DPS stats?

I have 1450 attack, 1300ish crit(much higher with landing buffs), 3500 accuracy @ lvl 72 with a +15 purified hyperion set, it works well enough that people who are familiar with me actually want me to dps as a chanter instead of groaning about chanter dps.

The numbers for crit and accuracy come from how much parry, evade, strike resist etc like the person above me said.

I can explain crit a little further. 700 is the critical strike cap. After you hit 700 you are wasting manastones socketing more crit. ****HOWEVER****, strike resist negates your crit strike. So you're gonna want whatever their strike resist is + that 700 for maximum chance to crit. So as an example, lets say something has 500 strike resist, you would want 500 + 700 crit strike to deal with it, so 1200 crit strike.

It'll be next to impossible to find a group that will want you to DPS as a chanter in an instance like CoE or AoE, so 1100 is a good starting point for the instances you will be allowed to DPS in, aim for 1200+ though.
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Default Re: Can we get a comprehensive explanation on melee DPS stats?

Maximum chance of critical hit is 50%.

To max out critical hit chance on a particular target you need 500 + (target's strike resist) total crit strike.

5.0 Instances (regular mobs):
Theo/Adma: about 850 strike resist ~= 1350 crit strike for max crit chance
AOE: about 900 strike resist ~= 1400 crit strike for max crit chance
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