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Default Just leveling up with gf, need slight tips on PvE

Hi, I'm level 46 now and after a big gear boost ive noticed that summon wind servant is kinda meh compared to the other skills, erosion for me does a full 4.5k, the one you use where they're feared + does bonus dmg (2s cast, 12scd) does just about the same damage, WITHOUT the bonus dmg to feared target, as a wind servant casted.

So I'm not sure if I should bother with summon wind servant anymore?

And also vacuum choke I don't find myself using much, usually when I run out of skills on elites and stuff I just put a fear on them or heal pet / backdraft for myself or something.

I plan on using, since we just pve and shes playing sin: enmity swap, stone scour, cyclone thing (rly nice skill), infernal pain, and when I get 50 im not sure if i take spirit heal or ruiniois offensive (i plan on taking armor spirit at 55)
As mostly duo I want us to do all instances and take our time duo, we had a chanter and sorc and we duo dark poeta as lv 50's it was cool.
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Default Re: Just leveling up with gf, need slight tips on PvE

Hey, first of all lucky you! You get to enjoy a game together, that's quite promising for a couple if you don't mind me adding that...

Well, you're always at leat duoing so I see why you feel that way, but you're only lvl 46 right now (btw, do the Renewed Daevanion armor and weapon set quest lines, they'll carry you till 56, at which point you get the Resurgent Daevanion set). What I mean is that elites get stronger and tankier, and during dungeons fights will take waaay more time than what you might be fighting against right now...

That's like comparing the NTC last boss, which is a wuss, to a boss at Besh for instance. Thing is, with fights that last that long SM's really shine.

It's common knowlege that we're a "bleed you till you die" class, oposed to the nuke class that is a sorc. For that we have plenty of DOTs, spirit damage and spirit skills and mini nukes just like Vacuum Choke and Stone Scourge

During long fights what do you do once all dots are applied and spirit skill's CD are ticking? Do you read a magazine or something?. Nope... do you just spam vacuum choke then until something comes off CD? Nay, that's not the case either.

The idea is to "weave" vacuum choke every other skill, it's called Vacuum Choke rule or so I believe. I personally give priority to Dot's and wouldn't bother in between these ones. But before every other non-Dot skill I'd try to use VC. It's a decent damage mini nuke with pretty much no CD and barely 1 sec cast time. If you do use you'll see an increase on your overall DPS as well as you wont run out completely of CD's ever. When you get more skills then you can try to use it maybe ever 3 or so skills but never stop using it. I like to use it after Stone Cour for example, and after I finish the Dot casting rotation and after pet skills ... just do it as often as your rotation allowes without being hindered and as often as it feels more natural to you.

Regarding PVE Stigmast I'd advice: Emnity Swap, Stone Scour, Cyclone of Wrath, Infernal Pain, Magic Implosion and Armor Spirit.

That's just personal, Magic Implosion is the skill to go if you manage to time it with stripping of Dot's before they run out. DOTs you can always strip away without a care for the world would be Erosion and Sandblaster, they dont deal that much damage in comparison and have the lowest of CD... so you exchange a couple secs of those two lesser DOT's to deal 1.8 damage at once plus the MI dot every 3 secs 155 for 30 secs. And pretty much instantly reapply Erosion and Sandsblaster... and rinse and repeat after 30 secs.... other dots like Cyclone of Wrath for instance you should'nt worry about since they last just 8 seconds and have a 4 seconds downtime so if you time it right, you shouldn't even need to wait till COW stops ticking for you to strip it down.. and IP you can give priority to use right after you use MI and that way you don't have to worry about stripping that one by mistake.

For a detailed, although a bit old, guide, read this link:

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Default Re: Just leveling up with gf, need slight tips on PvE

Thanks, and I'm Foriel btw I'm just posting from another account because for some reason I can't log into Foriel...? Says "please try again later" for a few days now.

I have another thing that is starting to concern me, we're doing more elites and things now and the enemies focus me easily because I have low ping and I can weave really well.

What are some remedies for this situation? My SM is 46 I tested stuff on, but my gf SM is 36 and my sin is 36 now.

Will her pet get tankier / hold aggro more after 36 in the future with all the new pet skills? Should I lower my DPS when necessary? Not really sure what to do xD
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Default Re: Just leveling up with gf, need slight tips on PvE

Heey there, so a bit of a disclaimer. Sm was my first class ever and I left it for further exploring the game, now after having a cleric 67 and sorc 67 I found myself going back to a new Sm... So I'm still leveling it and the furthest I've ever gotten was 50 something..

As you might realize, that doesn't make me the most knowledgeable to advice you... I just thought I'd give you my 2 cents by helping out on what I remembered... So have in mind this might not hold true till endgame with more skills and more practice time..

Ok so now that we got that off our backs. Yes, in theory pet will hold more aggro due to it's skills and the pet taunt you get at 40 something. With a CD of 30 secs (it's stronger with the earth spirit btw, it indicated on the skill).

What I would advice is to start the fight with the pet auto attack. Also learn how much damage or skills can you throw a mob before pet looses aggro... At which point I'd say throw your earth spell slow and stun and cast pet skills... That'll make it look to the pet instead of you.

Juggle with the pet CD's, for instance don't use the pet taunt and spirit disturbance one after another... Instead when the mob turns to you, cast the said earth slow and stun and cast either the spirit disturbance chain or the taunt.... Try to make it last 15 seconds and then use the other skill. That way every 15 you have a pet skill to use and drawback aggro. (assuming at 40ish levels you'll have pretty much those 2 low CD pet skills)...

Another one would be to use enmity swap if you have it slotted... The text skill is kind of weirdly described but what it does is literally swap your enmity with your pet. What It means is if you have 6K threat on the mob, and your pet has 3K... You use the skill and now you'll have 3K threat and your pet 6K...

So that last one might be better for you to use. You could for instance go bunkers on dps and when he was about to hit you, you swap enmity and now you pet has it all and allows you to keep dpsing and upping your aggro but then you use pet skills and increase pet's that way... And when your nukes are back online, throw them and swap enmity.... Etc (always keep dots up)

The last option I can think of is to fear the mob and slow it. Then go crazy on dps without care since it can't attack while feared... When it wears off you can always just swap enmity with pet and so and so forth...

I hope it helps. I'm actually leveling my new Sm too(lvl 40 last night) so we can keep this thread active and keep the going with the trade of information as we both explore the class further ( since what I'm telling you is up to lvl 50ish and from a year or so back).... Specially since the Sm class forum doesn't seem to be too active. So why not?

Do check out that guide though, it's a little bit old but it does help to get a general idea of how to optimize the class a bit.

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Default Re: Just leveling up with gf, need slight tips on PvE

I'm not sure if you guys are still interested in information but since you both have mostly outdated Sm information ill post what i know to help.

Firstly on SM stigma builds they vary greatly depending on what you intend on doing as well as your preferred play style, rotation, and weather or not you are solo or in a group.

Since i mostly play in groups for pve my builds generally are always set to benefit the group as a whole first over my own dps. I use in my normal setup Infernal Blight - infernal Pain - Spirit Ruinous Offense - Cyclone of wrath - Stone Scour - Spirit wall of protection. This gives you blood funnel as your vision. The reason i use Runious over implosion is not only does ruinous do more damage then magic implosion when used with wind spirit, the vision with IB spec dosent favor using a spirit and the overall damage done together with a spirit is higher then if you kept killing your spirit with empowerment.

Some people seem to like spirit burn to ashes but with the new update at level 69 Sms get the archdeva skill that replaces it and its much better.

I dont really pvp much at all but generally the stigmas that are considered pvp are Shackle, earthen call. and magic implosion.

One the matter of gear. While you are still leveling just using the free sets you get up till 65 is fine. At 65+ the Pve sets ranks as follows. DD > Mythic AC > Pure IS > IS. Mythic AC set is technically better then DD but it has the chance of blowing up if you fail to enchant and unless its at +10 completely its not actually better then DD at +10-15.

Keep in mind that this list dosent include other 5.0 gear. Mainly cause other then world drops getting anything other then Mythic AC actually requires good gear to begin with. while you could feasibly get DD with eternal AC if your group is good enough to carry you a little.

Ideal stats for magic classes at 65 is 4k mb 2.1k ma 300-400 crit spell. At 66+ that ideal range from 4.8k mb to 5k mb 2.8k ma to 3k ma and as much crit spell you can get. though most of these stats just come from levels and essence.

Remember also Ideal stats arent always necessary to do well. You can still do good Damage with 3.8k MB in instances like DD which other then Cradle still has the highest Msup of the pve instances.

Since you guys are low levels or you were when you posted this a little advice on you playing. one of you mentioned pulling aggro a lot on elites. This is likely to happen a lot at lower levels mainly because damage at lower levels extremely favors magic classes. So if you are duoing with a melee it will be hard for them to pull aggro if they dont have aggro pulling skills. even then a gald will still have difficulty till about level 50+

I wouldnt worry about pulling aggro. you have a lot of unbreakable ccs in fear so it dosent matter. Though ive been told my approach to playing is very much a glass cannon approach but i prefer to just throw out as much damage as possible without caring about aggro. I dont even have my pet taunt and tank and i dont socket enmity swap. BUT i have a full set of DD gear at +15 with the new IDL accs so i can take a lot of hits.

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