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Default In need of wisdom.

^so thats my gear now.

the main hand was the BM dagger +6 and my wings hyper. now theyre Norsvold.

I know im low geared, but what I am looking for is what do I do to gear up/and or get ready for 5.3? I have about 500k AP 5kGp 120 AC under 400 Blood marks and metals.

Do I just focus on leveling?

P.S im relearning aion again and this class, so im kinda lost. Its been 2 years.
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Default Re: In need of wisdom.

No need to focus entirely on leveling (we all know it's grindy & boring) but you can do your daily Fissure of Oblivion (killing the three fat mobs who give a lot of experience) and Luna instances for a great experience source of experience until level 70-71.

Fissure takes 20-25~ minutes and Luna takes 10 minutes, so it only takes 30-35 minutes daily.

This is my 2 cents, no idea about gearing but I'm sure someone else can help you with that matter.

Edit: welcome back to Aion!
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Default Re: In need of wisdom.

For a really cheap setup that will be effective as a basic set, get IDL Mythic Accessories, +10 Mythic Ancient Coin Dagger Mainhand, Bloodmark or Arena mythic Sword or Custodian/Shephards for offhand (aim for Arena, you do not necessarily need to enchant it and it has higher modifier stats, so youll get more attack/crit/acc on your mainhand.


Accessories: IDL Mythic Accessories
Weapons: +10 Ancient Coin Mythic Dagger, Arena Mythic Sword
Helm: Arena Mythic Helm
Wings: Just make sure they're +10-15.
Plume: Attack Primary, Crit as secondary if Pure Plume.
Armor: Aim for any general PvP set that you can enchant to +10-15. Custodians/Shephards/BM Mythic/Arena Mythic (this will be more expensive for you)

This is not nearly the best but it is a cheap and effective setup. You can have ~1k attack, 3.5-3.7k accuracy, and 1.2k-1.5k Crit. Don't worry about the loss of PvP attack on mainhand, the huge increase in attack and crit/acc make up for it and more.

edit: Aim for at least 70 so you can wear all the above without penalty, then aim for 72 at least to be able to compete effectively in 5.5
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Default Re: In need of wisdom.

Thanks for input guys!

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