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Default Chanters useless in CoE?

Well, here we go again...
Almost every static group running Craddle of Eternity ATM preffers to bring 2 healing spec clerics (or 1 heal / 1 hybrid) instead of a full support chanter.

Are we really lackluster and almost useless to the new content?
We have nice buffs and all, but ppl are still going for a safe mode run, a not needing chanters to do a thing in CoE

what do you guys think about it? how it works in your servers?

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Default Re: Chanters useless in CoE?

I call BS on it. It is indeed true people want to go for the safe way and take double Clerics, but a Chanter in CoE is just as viable. Talking specifically about Typhon (the rest of the instance can be done with anything), your buffs and single target heals are essential if the Cleric cannot keep up (such as when a player has to run into the Fire of Calamity circles).

Our semi-static has been anaging just fine with everything. The only reason we have not beaten Typhon yet is because we have not been very active in there lately.
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