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Default Returned after some years, What happened?


Im a perm lvl 60 ranger who was really focused on the PVP. I was kind of good and worked hard to get my best pvp gear. Then I quit playing for some years (maybe 3 or 4, haha).

Now I came back to the game, I just logged in and realized that I forgot everything of the game! So now I will need to learn again.

But one thing I noticed was window saying: "Sell all terminated items", in that window I can see some items with a red X on them, Items like -Trap of Slowing IV, Sleep Arrow I, Bestial Fury I, Retreating Slash I and so on-

So what happened? Why this items are not working anymore? It means those skills disappeared from the game? Some orientation will be appreciated!

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Default Re: Returned after some years, What happened?

The skills still exist in some form, and many are still stigma stones. It's just inert stigmas are gone (though you are pre-inert stigmas if you've been gone a few years, lol). You should have some stigma bags in your inventory that let you choose stigmas, though I'd also check the broker for the selling prices of your missing stigmas because some are selling for lulz-dirt cheap.

You are now guaranteed your linked stigma (additional skill that's based on the build of your blue and gold stigmas, iirc), which I guess is nice, lol, but, leveling up, you can do these easy quests, but they only give you a specific stigma and not a choice.
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