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Default Returning Player looking for home - ASMO

Hi all - I've been really missing the game so I want to come back - the Legion I was in is long since dead - last login was like 3 years ago - I haven't played since 2011 so I am so out of date haha.

So looking for a legion that is accepting of lowbies - I will have to get re-accustomed to the game and what not so a helpful legion would be nice - at least for questions.

I have decided to just start a fresh character because it is just easier - plus the toons I had on this server are only like 30 something.

Also what classes are highest in demand?
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Default Re: Returning Player looking for home - ASMO

Welcome back, good to have you.

Not really sure about what's in high demand, but songweavers are ridiculously and stupidly OP and broken so you might look to start with one of those.

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