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Default Couple returning. Few questions please.

I believe we are 65. Not sure when we quit but well before 5.0. Just a couple of quick questions. What class melee and Non-melee is the easiest to play if I setup mouse macros? Just knowing how I play, I am not extremele good at micromanaging a million hotkeys on my keyboard. I would like a class that the majority of their abilities can be used within 5-6 mouse buttons.

Also what current quest/events should I be focused on so I don't miss out on anything as we return to level up.

How far does the level up server go now (the one thats pure PVE..instance)

Is there anything like the Abyss now where factions would get together preplanned and have a massive those were the best.

I heard 5.0 was one of the best patches in a long time. What did it bring to the table?

Lastly, how hard is it to get geared for pvp now? Is it still a massive grind? and money sink?

Any class to avoid if intent is to pvp in the future?

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Default Re: Couple returning. Few questions please.

With the new skill changes, next week, even people with athrosis should be able to play decently (which is good, from this point of view. Maybe I can persuade my granma to play it).
Generally speaking: gunners, sorcerers, gladiators, ATs and even sm/SW/chanters (as dps) can be played with few macros (at least in PvE), more or less in the order I wrote them.
Clerics, templars, sin/rangers choose their skills according to what happens, so you couldn't really rely on macros (and the scouts have too many micro-buffs for a mouse).
I'm not good in PvP, but I wouldn't use macros there. Take a SW for that: it's the OP class atm, it won't be nerfed in the near future, and it has few skills.

If you quit at lv65, complete the archdaeva's campaign as first thing, since it's required to level up to 66. Other than that, the most used way is probably the Fissure of Oblivion + the boring dailies in Norsvold/Iluma, rinse and repeat. Btw, in case you don't want to miss any quest, check the Option->Interface->Show low level quests, as they hid them by default (don't ask me why).

A new PvE battleground in Panda/Sanctum will be added with the 5.3, and the sieges in the Abyss will be also revisited (according to the feedback of the European players, with the GF, it should bring more ppl in the Abyss).

Idk where you've read about the 5.0, but for me it has been the worst patch ever. The one that definively killed the game. (If it were that good as you say, NCSoft wouldn't have merged the servers now. Be ready to cry when you'll see your character again.)

For PvP you simply need money. Buy tempering solutions and omega stones and enchant your gear and accessories.

Welcome to the game!
Aion 5.0 - Echoes of Porgus

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