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Default Returning after 3.5 year break

So, what all has changed? Can someone bring me up to speed?
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Default Re: Returning after 3.5 year break

Damn, 3.5 years. If memory does not fail me, you quitted some time before 4.5. A lot has changed ever since.

- Aethertech (AT) class introduced
- More battlegrounds
- Levinshor and Kaldor (level 65 zones introduced)
- Items can be enchanted beyond max level (amplification)
- Beritra's Invasion and Atreian Passport introduced
- Introduced Plumes and Tempering
- More battleground and instances, moved some instances around
- Purification
- More level 65 Abyss gear, I think?
- Katalam, Danaria, Sarpan and Tiamaranta removed, Enshar and Cygnea added
- Idian Depths is a PvE farming place
- Stigma system and class overhaul
- Forts in Gelk/Inggison upped to level 65
- Removed instances, added new ones (Drakenspire Depths and Stonespear Siege), moved some of the old instances on the affected areas to the new ones
- Reshanta redesigned (iced theme)
- Mobs in Upper Layer upped to 65, added Sullenscale Rive (level 50 elites)
- Deactivated Divine, Roah and Asteria Forts
- One instance introduced
- Removed max temperance level for accessories
- Level cap upped to 75 (introduced Archdaeva system, any player of level 66 and above)
- Norsvold, Iluma and Tower of Eternity added
- Battlegrounds' max level got upped, new instances
- Plumes made so they dont explode when failed, introduced Pure Plumes
- More and better XP sources
- Battlegrounds for Archdaevas
- Aetherforging (crafting profession for Archdaevas)
- New instances
- Crucible Arenas updated to give new medals and up-to-date equipment
(next week)
- Upper Reshanta mobs upped (forgot level)
- Nerf and change some instances
- Essence Cores
- Level 75 Abyss gear
- Removed rank augmenting requirements for level 65 Abyss gear
- New instances and Arena
- Atreian Monstruary (butchering the name, lol)
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Default Re: Returning after 3.5 year break

Welcome back!
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