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Default I miss you Katalam and Danaria Forever!

I always wonder: at some point will ncsoft recognize that the best moment, the most exciting that marked 6 or 7 years of aion's history was Katalam and Danaria?

Ncsoft you should have been listening to your players, we knew what was best, on that day so frustrating. Katalam and Danaria could have been just optimized but never ripped off as if they were not important. The current Aion is beautiful, but as Aion fan I am, nothing you do is going to be any better than Katalam and Danaria.

I wonder would it be possible to ncsoft bring Katalam and Danaria back and the other striking cities? No! The real Aion is going to be just a memory, a memory!



This music expresses what we feel. Goodbye real Aion 4.0 4.5 4.7 4.8! Ncsoft did not know what he did. Currently I do not play aion anymore I quit! But I leave a dissatisfaction!


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