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Default Creative Points Allocation

Hey All,

I'm curious where everyone is allocating their points.

For myself, I max out knowledge, have the earth damage reduction skill, +5 in weaken spirit and +5 in ritual push, have the pvp damage, have the pvp defense and leftovers in precision.

Also, in addition to weaken spirit and ritual push, what other skills are y'all investing in?

I was thinking erosion, backdraft and soul torrent would be good to invest in (in that order). I was also thinking aegis breaker but I wasn't sure if that'd make buff stripping do more damage or not.

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Default Re: Creative Points Allocation

What patch did this come out in? I'd like to learn about this from patchnotes or a guide if possible
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Default Re: Creative Points Allocation

I dont play Spirit Master but invest your points into skills that you use a lot to do more damage. As of the earth form if your arnt max level you dont need to enchant it for 5 more seconds. But thats just my opinion cuz id rather invest points into things more long term.
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