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Default Another returning player maybe

I have not played for years and I never got that email about migrating account so I lost everything. So a few questions.

So if I want to make a Elyos Character which server should I pick now?

And what's PvP like these days?

Do you still get constantly ganked the moment you step outside a protected area?

I don't mind PvP, but not a huge fan of Open World PvP when I am trying to level or quest. So how bad is it now? Not a big deal when it's one on one or 2 on one, but when it's me against 10 people that's just stupid and why I quit first time. Roaming Gank squads are not fun to me.
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Default Re: Another returning player maybe

1) No idea. TM-E has siege drama. IS-E has generalized drama. SL-E has too dang many people. KR-E has no people. BR-E, I have no clue.
There is also going to be a merge in a few months/Soon(tm)/Eventually(tm) that puts IS/KR/TM together and SL/BR together.

2) PvP is mostly concentrated in various PvP instances and in the new zones, Norsvold and Iluma. To a lesser degree, you'll find it in Levinshor and Kaldor, and, even lesser degree, Enshar and Cygnea (on the standard server AKA your home server). Abyss is still PvP enabled as well.

3) Leveling to 65, no, not so much. You level on the Fast Track Server now, which is a combined server for the lowbies of all the servers, and there is no PvP.
At 66+, you can no longer access the FTS, and you're forced to face the dark, cruel world of everything from solos to small groups to wtfganksquads.
E02018 error?
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Default Re: Another returning player maybe

Thanks for info

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