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Default Nothing but problems trying to play after many years away

First I learn all my characters and all their gear is gone cause I never saw the Email about server migrations or whatever it was and was told it's not recoverable and your just out of luck.

Then have all kinds of trouble trying to re-install game. Kept getting stuck on stage 8 at 97%. Finally found a thread that helped me fix that bug.

Then the forums are buggy also. I log in and it tells me my info is not correct on the forums, even though it says I am logged in. I have to keep trying over and over till finally it lets me even post this thread.

Does not instill a lot of confidence for a player thinking of coming back after many years away.

And I originally bought way back the pre purchase Collector Edition so not sure if I get those perks back yet or those are just gone to.

PS: Tried to enter some of my old perk codes from 2010 and mine are groups of 5 numbers/letters, but the box only allows 4 groups. I guess so much for that crap I paid for to it seems.

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