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Default Knowledge Cap ?


Im just getting my new Lv 75 PvP gear and I wanted to socket with Knowledge +9 until a friend told me the Knowledge cap is 245. Is this true? Im Lv 74 right now so I have 45 essence points into Knowledge. I should only socket 22 Knowledge +9 stones?
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Default Re: Knowledge Cap ?

I would try and use the manastones to get the stats you want and use your essence points toward skills to better yourself further, but thats just me.

At our level. Im 73, we have limited things to do. But as we get to max and we probably will never reach max max(75 exp bar all the way to right). Honestly i just want 74 so i can get my new archdeava skill. So much we can do, also now that essence cores, things just keep getting better.
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Default Re: Knowledge Cap ?

There isn't a cap per se, but you get diminishing returns the more points you invest into an archdaeva stat, so it comes to a point where a knowledge stone ends up giving you less MB than a regular MB stone.

Now, since knowledge gives you both MB + Crit Spell, the decision to slot knowledge vs regular MB is not just about max MB but also about crit spell, it's up to you to decide how much you want from each stat and plan your manastones accordingly.

Check this video for a better explanation on the diminishing returns: , there's a link to the Essence calculator in the description which you can use to see the exact amount of mb/cs you'll get based on the amount of knowledge you socket.

Also worth noting that in 5.5 they'll increase the amount of stats you get from archdaeva manastones, so even if in our current patch it's best to stop a certain amount of knowledge, once we get that patch you'll be able to slot a higher amount of it for optimal stats (so, worth to save extra manastones in preparation).

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Default Re: Knowledge Cap ?

That cap isn't really a wall. You can still use knowledge stones if you want, but you'll get "less" uses from it with more points in it. If money isn't a problem, you could socket a few more +9s, but not all of it.

Since we have a calculator, you can find out when you'll be getting less Mb per stone than regular stone OR you an calculate the average mb you're getting per stone. I mean, why do people use composites that have a full stat and half stat?

So no, the cap means nothing really. Also, a lot of Mb or att if you're melee comes from enchanting equip over +15. (kr profile page)

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