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Post Help with gunner build and equipment please

Hello, i'm kinda new to this game and want to ask a few question
1. what is the best skill sequence combo works for pvp and pve ?
2. what equipment should i use after i ascension and hit lvl 66 ?
3. any good equipment for level 58-65 that's pretty solid ?
4. if it's not too much trouble can you please tell me how to get the equipment ?
5. should i go for magic acc or boost ? or maybe something else ?

thank you for reading and considering to answer my question
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Default Re: Help with gunner build and equipment please

I dont main gunner but I have one as an alt and I love it.

1. I tell this to everyone, please just experiment with all your stigmas, learn what does what. People telling you what to do will not make you better, need to find out whats good for yourself. Aion is different then what it used to be, lots of different ways to build.

2. You could get mythic ancient coin gear for pve, i dont really pve much but the mythic ancient coin will get you anywhere you need to go. For pvp work on farming either the new arena or new 75 AP gear. You can always go and farm bloodmarks and blood medals if you want for that set, totally up to how ot what you want to invest in.

3. I havent leveled in so long i cant help you here. Sorry but i hear they make it super easy now and its fast, you use the free stuff they give you till 66.

4. Youll need to have enough MA to land skills other wise just socket mostly mb so you hit harder so mobs die faster. My gunner has full mythic ancient coin and i believe i dont have anything socketed with ma only because my accessories and plume carry me.

Good luck sir.
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