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Default Is crafting even worth?

I have master alchemy and master essecentaping on my cleric, and I'm thinking about leveling handicraft on a alt, is it even worth? Or I should just farm gear from instances
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Default Re: Is crafting even worth?

Last time that I crafted 2 Sharptooth Airspikes for 2 of my legion mates, it took me almost 2 months to gather the mats (50 hours + 60m kinah each, more or less). The elatrite in particular, it's a pain (but it was before the update at the essencetapping - if you have a house/mansion, it helps, since you can plant them in your garden).
And only 1 of them proc'ed to Bloodletter; the normal crafting is not that good (unless you like the colour).

As Azoturan said, it's probably better to collect luna lights and wait for the right day. Handicrafting can be also very expensive, and unless you want to craft some weapon skins or siege weapons, it's not that worth.
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Unhappy Re: Is crafting even worth?

crafting definitely isnt for everybody, if its something youre interested in, do it. Alchemy is by far the easiest, a sure way to earn awesome kinah. Now Weaponsmith and Handicraft...yikes.
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Default Re: Is crafting even worth?

Craft high enough to get the +warehouse space from the quest. If that's still a thing. I don't know anymore. I'm so old. Get off my lawn you damn kids!

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