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Default Endgame class in need? BR-A

Hey all, I recently started as an Aethertech because when I left the game last time, this new class was coming out. It has its moments and could be fun but I feel since there is a lack of other ATs around me in this server at least (Asmodian), that it may not be a suitable endgame class for grouping.

I do want to join as many sieges and dungeons as possible when I reach the final level but I want to make sure i have a higher chance of always having a secured slot in parties in the end.

Although the first levels will mainly be solo I would also want to not be reliable on others to complete campaign or necessary missions.

For Beritra Asmodian, what class is in the minority but is very much loved in parties in the end game.
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Default Re: Endgame class in need? BR-A

Play what you want to play buddy. Every class is good, you just have to gear it to have the dps.
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