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Default best pve songweaver set for lvl 50?

Hey guys,
im lvl 49 songweaver currently using ap accessories, ap boots, ap gloves and plat coin gear for the rest. Im about to hit lvl 50 and i have the choice between Fenris set, Anuhart fabled set or mithril coin gear. Which is better?
I dont want to use the renewed or resurgent daevanion gear, its not as good as a full set of +15 (although i can see the benefits in using it for people who want to level up fast and not worry about enchanting and socketing)
So fenris set is good but has no speed boost that i can see, or does one activate once i equip the full set?
Anuhart set has speed boost but it doesn't look like it will be much better than the set i currently have (i have only got it to + 3 at the moment so i dont know for sure how good it will be once it is maxed out, and thanks to this new enchantment dust instead of stones it may be some time before i get it to + 15) and i haven't checked out the mithril much but i used it before with my glad on gameforge and it wasn't so great. I love to do all the quests and hunt all the trophies from instances and track down all the named mobs in each map so i will be using this set for a long time. Its definitely worth it for me to spend time enchanting and socketing which is why the renewed and resurgent is not for me.
Is there a set that i didn't mention?
any help or suggestions would be much appreciated
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Default Re: best pve songweaver set for lvl 50?

I believe the fenris should give speed when you complete the full set. Remember if you go into Google and type in the armor you can find out all the bonus stats you get when you complete the set. Most bonus set gear has a bonus for finishing and you don't get to see it till you do finish. But if you go to Google it will tell you.
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