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Old 07-20-2017, 08:41 PM
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Default Since when is Blood Rune not affected by mb...

Sorry but looking a little assistance on the matter...Blood Rune healing with MB set is no more?

For what i remember having a magic boost set made Blood Rune heal for pretty much your entire HP from 5% to 100%, in pve at least...
i had the idea of making a mb set for some time and a couple of days ago decided to do it with gunners bm gear and some Ahserions from back in the 65 days... i tend to procrastinate my projects for quite a long time and today i finished getting it done and to my surprise... it heals the exact same as my regular gear...

sooooo yea... is this new from this patch or i didnt get the memo that they changed it a while ago... or is it still working and for some reason it doesnt for me

Thank you all in advance

Experienced sins i invoke you

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