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Default Songweaver PVP gloves

Don't think about it until i get this from coalescence - 75 lvl prime SW gloves. I'm like "wow great" but then SW from server said me that exactly songweaver's AP gloves (prime guardian royal cap... bla bla bla) - useless piece of crap, because they got casting speed O_o !!! i looked at them - really arena got two types of gloves with cast and attack speed, but AP got 3 types with cast speed. Maybe nobody care about it but i think - this is at least stupid. Maybe it ll be fixed later and someone say thanks to me for it/maybe not - just trying to make our game better )).
P.S.: Or change Arena cloth gloves to cast speed too if you think that similar gloves just called different - good idea )))).

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Default Re: Songweaver PVP gloves

and make a cast speed staff for clerics or a higher MB/MA mace and make godstones pay attention to MR again or just get rid of godstones, or generally give clerics passive skills that mean they dont need multiple sets, ffs gloves ya main issue, make a cleric and then cry, go check the sets for clerics and come back and think how piffle gloves are compared to the NYERK clerics get as gear

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