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Default Looking for a mentor!

Hello everyone!
I heard that when you reach level 30 you can get a mentor. Im lvl 30 gunslinger still very new to this game and i need some guidance and help. My ingame name is jajji and i play on Israphel server. If anyone wants to help me please by all means write to me.
Thanks in advance,
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Default Re: Looking for a mentor!

Hi good Jajji o/
Mentoring was a thing time ago, when we had also some quests for mentors/mentees, to gain some coins to buy skins. Nowadays the mentoring is used only to let the mentee gain some more exp/drop. But since you can only do it on standard server, where the exp is less than on FTS, it's not that used (usually I only mentor until lv16, to start Haramel, and inside FT). And yes, it's not required to be lv30, the mentor must be just 10+ levels than you (unless they changed something recently).

If you're looking for a guidance and some help/tip about the game, I suggest you to join a friendly legion on your server. They can help you everyday, constantly (there are always new questions to ask).

Good luck, and have fun!
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