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Default Re: Scheduled Game Update - July 19, 2017, 6:00 AM Central

i am still devastated that i had a heap of toons parked in the Abbey,
doing day 18 of a month of Abbey Return Stone daily quests.
lvl46 gold armour waiting for upgrades & lvl56 resurgent boxes waiting to be opened with the lionheart tokens/ crucible insignias/ ancient coins for upgrading.
i have exp boost scrolls too.
BUT at day 18, i log in and get no daily quests, BUT i can do the Luna for exp, so i do this to level up and get those boxes opened and upgraded.
BUT just before i can get to level 56 to open the resurgent boxes, the npcs have no interaction, i can't exchange the Abbey tokens for the items i need to upgrade, and the npc i need to talk to, has no interaction.
i know i can buy ancient coin gear, but i want to finish this thing i began. what is the point in starting anything if, when some Dev gets bored, they can ruin my game? a support ticket came back 'we do not care, jog on noob'
so frikkin annoyed with the nublords right now.

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