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Default Chanter Damage


Does anyone know how well damage scales by adding attack vs something else for a chanter.

I remember reading a post about ranger damage not scaling very well (example if they used all attack/crit stones vs say MA/HPs stones) pending they had enough crit.

Does socketing attack stones work well for a chanter? I know I am not a DPS class but in pvp always feel like oooo I could use a little more damage to pressure the other person. (maybe using buffs better would help as well)

If I have 2475 MA and 1400crit should I then consider using attack stones?

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Default Re: Chanter Damage

Socketing an attack +5 stone means your physical attacks (whether auto attack or attack skills) will do 5 more damage than without it, assuming your target is monster that is level 65 or below.

That damage is affected by crit multiplier, PvE attack, PvP attack/defense, 42% global PvP damage reduction, etc.

That damage is not affected by % damage boosting skills (example: Rage Spell, Ascension Spell, Invincibility Mantra, Winter Circle)

The new level 55 resurgent gear are +10, each filled up with 6x attack +5 manastones, out of the box. With 7 pieces of them, 42x attack +5's together gives +210 damage.

For full details on damage calculation are in the following link:
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