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Default Re: Loot rights ?

To Starfury:

First off, everything in the game has a price on way or another. Whether you get it as a drop in a group, you get it from a group of guildmates/friends, you buy it off a broker/vendor or you purchase it from another player through loot rights.

I have run FT ~100 times on my ranger, ~90 times on my assassin and ~75 times on my enchanter, after a while you lose exact counts. I have not seen a gold drop on any runs that I could use (well, a dagger once while on my ranger, but I would never have rolled against the assassin there).

My ranger is now out of range for that zone, I keep getting told my assassin is too high (lvl 38) for normal xp groups there and my chanter I stopped really playing atm.

As long as I earned the kinah and didn't RMT it, why should it matter to you where I got the drop from?

On a side note there Starfury, have you ever sold or bought a skin of a no-drop item? If you did, technically you sold/bought "Loot rights" to that item as it wasn't "earned" in your eyes by one of the parties.

When I played EQ2, my raiding guild always sold extra drops to the server for cash. Soon as it was longer needed by mains and twinks didn't want to purchase it, it went for sale in the appropriate level channel. I had liberty to sell things for whatever I wanted as long as it went for more than the current price of a transmuted mana. Sometimes things went cheap, some times things went into a bidding war. This was a good part of our plat split in game. The more mobs we killed, the more we made. Being we raided so much, we didn't have the time to go farm things for money. We were expected to have cure potions, poisons, food, drink, highest quality spells, etc.

We even sold mob kill updates to players that couldn't have gotten the kills with their own guild. Why should Bill be punished due to his small guild being unable to do zones on their own. On the flip side, why should people be punished because the have the ability to farm stuff and sell it.
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Default Re: Loot rights ?

You didn't earn it though... you got lucky. Hell Fenris isn't even earned gear, it is luck, lucky to proc the heart, lucky to get the lights... hell the quest name even has the word luck in it.

There is no earning in this game, it is solid RNG, statistically if you do something enough you will eventually get the outcome you seek.

You didn't work any harder than the guy that ground out 20 million to buy that item... you just achieved the same end result in a different manner.

Bottom line, they are adding a system to 2.0 to allow this to be okay. Even after that I'm sure people will still be paying for the items, it will just be easier for the team to pass them around. There is nothing wrong with it now.
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Default Re: Loot rights ?

I personally don't see a problem with it, If there is not 1 person in the group that can use the item why not sell the ability to loot it, everyone in the group gets to split the cash and someone that can use it will get the ability. win win for all. You are helping your faction by gearing them better and making money instead of just breaking it down to sell for 1 person. If no one can use the item sell sell sell.
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Default Re: Loot rights ?

selling ability to loot something for tons and tons of kinah imbalances the economy of the game just like people selling stuff for stupid amounts of kinah. i play long long hours and still wind up struggling with my kinah. personally bind on pick up bind on equip is ridiculousness so is playing for a weak straight all day every day an not gaining a level and not having good enough gear so you die 20 times trying to finish 1 quest. terrible luck ingame makes someone feel frustrated and i see no problem getting the best gear for your level and then passing it down to friends or alts after you've outgrown it.

i never played wow either i did play nwn for a long time make a toon struggle get em decked out and max level in a short time slay bosses get gear and make new toons play for fun these big mmo games twist that concept. its play for fun not struugle ingame as if it were real life we play games to escape real life and then charging money and continually charging money to slow your progression down and pay more money is a bit much by all means make money but let it be fun too.

my biggest problem is on the server i have searched lfg to do instances that my toon is suposed to do and no one groups up to do it or none of the needed classes join usualy its 4 dps that need the run and no healers or tanks ever join or a healer and some dps but no tank. when i have gotten lucky and found groups the group runs were very fun and i held my own as best as i could so why nobody grouping as soon as someone lfg. if its higher levels refusing to do it becuz they think its lowbies lookin for a free ride thats just silly its a group instance and its fun in a good group who know what there doing and even if it is a newb why not let them experience the fun and have a little patients. and yes i myself have trouble with patients, one of my favorite slogans is i dont got any patients im not a doctor. but still lol.

now one thing i can say is i do love this game the stories are cool the look is pretty the game is fun you know i do love it but some things should be loosend up. i also dont mind people buying the loot even tho it is imbalanced by how much people charge as well as in broker and private stores but i just got a problem with bind on pickup and bind on equip.

bind on equip then when i outgrow it all i can do is sell at a vender for not enough kinah to do anything with, and i need better gear but cant get it its dumb. if it didnt bind on equip i could pass it to a friend guildmate or an alt and its compleatly fair and balanced fun or i could sell it for just enough to get what i need on broker or private store if it werent sold for stupid ammounts imbalancing the game.

one guy who prolly botted and found the gear sells it for millions and millions and now he has all the kinah in game thats stupid. an then everyone else follows his lead and sells stuff for millions and millions just to try an keep up its dumb an everyone should be less greedy and more nice in the game to eachother we are all on the same side against the enviorment you know.

sorry my post is so dumb and long but its just my two cents in the take a penny leave a penny tray lol.

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Default Re: Loot rights ?

Originally Posted by Palewulff - Siel View Post
selling ability to loot something for tons and tons of kinah imbalances the economy of the game just like people selling stuff for stupid amounts of kinah.
No it doesn't. If anything, it helps the economy. You are taking a large sum of kinah from one player, and distribute it between multiple players. Those people will then distribute their just earned kinah to even more people. Its not like the kinah stays in one spot never to be seen again. It is actually being used and that is more helpful on the economy.

As for buying loot rights, I've ran rentus over 120 times. Multiple times a day only for the staff. It never dropped and the usual people I run with pretty much had everything they wanted so they weren't running it as often anymore. When I seen the staff up on LFG, I bought it instantly for 600m and I do not regret my decision.

I worked hard for my kinah, I also worked hard trying to get the staff. To say buying something purely based on luck is not earned is just silly.
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Default Re: Loot rights ?

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