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Default Re: Elyos = easymode

Originally Posted by Scurge - Zikel View Post
Yes Asmodians are just now getting an area in Asmodae to farm bloods while your faction was able to farm them in Nute Warrens since the the game went live while getting decent xp from them.
boiling blood never once dropped in nuke warren since the game went live. i think i would know since i practically live there from 41-50. where did you get your fact from?
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Default Re: Elyos = easymode

I only have seen one BBBS drop in Nute Warrens, and that was AFTER the 1.9 patch was implemented.
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Default Re: Elyos = easymode

Well in defense of us having bloods from non-elite mobs.

The 50 balaur mats were added ON TOP of the old loot table. What does that mean?

It means that the drop rate for pretty much every balaur mat lvl50 has half the chance it would of dropping as in abyss/dredge/dp maybe even bakarma.

It seems that a person gets a blood maybe once in every 40 kills average and guess what. There's only about 60-70 mobs and about 15-20 asmos there during most of the day..

Really, it's more of a "last resort" type blood farming if you ask me. Granted it's there, but it's definitely not easier or more efficient.. especially now that there are groups of elyos who know and take advantage of the location to create pvp.

As i said, not trying to say it's fair or something.. Just saying it's not a reliable source of bloods.
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Default Re: Elyos = easymode

Originally Posted by Sancite - Vaizel View Post
World bosses and rare spawns aside, will you agree that the Elyos side has more quests (both campaign and regular)? I mean I did do a test run of the Elyos side before switching to Asmo and I was getting quite a bit more xp...
I dont know, I don't do quests unless they have good rewards. It very well could be that the asmo side has less quests. But I really doubt it.

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