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Default [3.5] The Dragon Lord's Sanctuary; All-you-need-to-know

DISCLAIMER: I reserve all rights to making this guide, this is not to be used as submission to NCsoft's "Face the Dragon Lord in the Tiamat Slayer Event!" contest.

Please do not rip anything off this guide too or you will be nyerked by shugo assassins (and be reported as well to discredit your guide submission). >:3
Basic Information/Requirements:

- Only available to characters Level 60 and above
- Alliance entry only
- Instance cooldown of 40 hours upon entry
- *Instance is only available every 9am Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday (Server Time) Eg. You did the instance on Monday, taking the 40 hour cooldown into consideration, you can only access the instance once again on Wednesday only after 9am onwards regardless of cooldown refreshed.
- **Located in Tiamaranata's Eye (see screenshot)

*This is for the future update
**There is an alternate portal located at the Asmodian/Elyos Breakout
Map of the Instance:

Red: Tiamat
Yellow: Entrance to the zone where Tiamat's Incarnates are
Orange: Surkanas
The instance has a no-frills setup, you'll see Kahrun when you port in. Talk to him to activate the entry orb. You can enter with your alliance once everyone is ready. Upon entry, a quick cutscene will ensue. This is clearly a trap set by Tiamat. Make sure everyone clears the middle quickly before the first boss spawns.

Fast forward, you'll face your first opponent, Flame Lord Calindi (if you done Dark Poeta, he should be a familiar face):

Phase I: Flame Lord Calindi

During the fight, Flame Lord Calindi will constantly be assisted by Surkanas that will spawn on his left and right. Destroy them ASAP as they buff him, making the battle tougher.

The Surkanas will increase his attack power and attack speed, he will also have a reflect buff.

Both Surkanas are floating 10m above the ground so all ranged attackers have to take note and get involved (do not leave it to just two ranged attackers as this will stress the tankers and healers). In fact, please synchronize your alliance in advance so everybody automatically knows which surkana they are going for (that way you don't have lost sheep, or an excess or lack of people focusing on the surkanas).

Flame Lord Calindi follows a unique pattern of skills, use this advantage to be aware when the surkana buffs are coming. The reflect buff is a player killer as even an accidental normal attack weave is enough to inflict upwards damage of 5,000+ damage back to you.

He'll use "Blaze Engraving" twice before activating the Surkanas buffs once again, stop attacking or lower your DPS after the second Blaze Engraving. Hallucinatory Victory marks the start of the Surkanas spawn.

*Tip: If you're lagging or whatever, after the second Blaze Engraving, it's advised to slow down your DPS (don't hit the spam button too much)

Stay out of Blaze Engraving, it's a fire circle that does a decent amount of damage. To top it off, Calindi will start having an attack speed buff that cannot be stripped once his HP dips to about 10%.

(Surkanas have a respawn duration of about 1 minute 30 seconds give or take)
After you dispatched Flame Lord Calindi, cutscene time! Tiamat prepares to attack but she's obviously ridiculously powerful! Give it about 10 seconds and your fabulous Empyrean Lords* appear to hold Tiamat off while the rest of you are asked to dispatch the four Tiamat Incarnates to weaken Tiamat's power.

*Asmodians will see Marchutan while Elyos will see Kaisinel

Phase II: Tiamat's Incarnates

The alliance of 12 has to split into two groups, with each group taking down 2 (of the 4) of Tiamat's Incarnate each. Chanters should pop Word of Wind for this fight as it is a "Time Attack". Your Empyrean Lords are by no means omnipotent, if their HP goes out before you slay all four Incarnates, the instance will be deemed a *failure!

*Tip: All the Tiamat's Incarnates will execute a death roar (you cannot evade this attack), this means Marchutan/Kaisinel has died, marking a failure.

Killing the Balaur Shamans at the Incarnates' portals will restore HP to Marchutan/Kaisinel.

If you done your fort sieges, all four Tiamat Incarnates basically still have the same types of attacks except with lesser HP than their fort siege versions. Don't take them lightly however!

The Incarnates have their respective elemental attacks, it's advised you pop elemental scrolls and clerics to use the right buffs to reduce some damage.

Fissure Incarnate (Earth) = Summer Circle, Fine Elemental Earth Scroll
Wrath Incarnate (Fire) = Summer Circle, Fine Fire Elemental Scroll
Gravity Incarnate (Wind) = Winter Circle, Fine Wind Elemental Scroll
Petrification Incarnate (Water) = Winter Circle, Fine Water Elemental Scroll
*While Tiamat can be attacked, do not try your luck for she has a reflection buff which will basically throw all your attacks back at you!

After you have taken out the Incarnates, Marchutan/Kaisinel will be able to disable Tiamat's buffs and power at the cost of their own energy. Tiamat becomes effectively weakened, and now the rest is now up to your alliance.

Phase III: Tiamat

This phase is another Time Attack, you are only given 30 minutes to down Tiamat. Failure to do so will deem the instance over.

Pick a side, I noticed every alliance has their own strategies, pick what suits you best. I have seen alliance either bunching on one side, splitting on both sides or having both groups on the same side except the tanking half is slight off at the bottom.

*Tip: Tiamat has three basic attacks:

1) She regularly breathes fire in all directions, this is a rather petty attack that does insignificant damage
2) Her major attack involves a skill that breathes an intense flame in the middle (although nobody should be getting hit by this skill because nobody stands in the middle)
3) She rears her head once in a while to turn to wherever the players are and breathes fire upon them (clerics need to be aware of this)

Once Tiamat's HP hits 50%, here's where the templars have to go to work. Once again, pop Word of Wind if it's up. Now starts the insanely difficult task of tanking and kiting the incessant amount of adds Tiamat will summon.

The adds DO hit very hard, templars have to juggle their cooldowns to ensure they don't get overwhelmed. And contrary to belief, there are magic attacks involved and hence a MR templar is recommended (not that blocking isn't necessary but your vital skills will cover that portion).

*Tip: The adds have a magic attack that uses a "Summon Rock" animation, though with a MR set, you can usually resist it with ease. In terms of movement speed, you can outrun them to a certain degree.

At least one cleric has to follow the templar around. Templars have to taunt and pull every recurring add that spawns from the portals on both side of where the Incarnate zone entrance was.

(as far as I remember, there is a cap on the maximum number of adds spawned)

@ Templars: THE ADDS WILL NOT DISAPPEAR EVEN IF YOU DIE, SO PLEASE DO YOUR BEST TO STAY ALIVE (and pray nyerking hard your cleric's good support).

*Throughout this phase, some Gravity Orbs (they're yellow) will be seen spawning every now and then, templars should taunt/pull them off your alliance. The yellow orbs are basically Tiamat's version of the cleric's Noble Servants (except it's bigger, it moves ridiculously fast and it nukes without losing HP).

Mind you, they tick for about 5k+ easy, WORLD OF PAIN. Templars, please pull them off.

*This part is no longer valid, proven to only work in Korea's version* At about 3% HP, Tiamat's adds will disappear. From there on, it's just mindless DPS and good luck! *This part is no longer valid, proven to only work in Korea's version*

*See next post for video walkthroughs
.:: Rewards ::.

Tiamat will spawn a giant chest upon death, EVERYONE in the alliance will be able to loot one reward chest. (there's no rolling here)

Video Reference:

*Fast forward to 7:20
You will have to DPS the chest down (Asmodians who been through that giant lake chest in Altgard will understand what's about to happen here), it will take about 1 minute give or take, make sure the entire alliance helps out!

The reward chest will drop one Mithril Medal and a Tiamat's Treasure Chest.

You will randomly receive something from ONE of the following categories:

1) Mystic Grade Weapons (L60 and above)
2) Extendable Weapons (For L60 to L63)
3) Eternal Weapons (L60 and above)
4) Tiamat's Corundum Accessories/Belt (L60 and above)
5) Tiamat's Turquoise Accessories/Belt (L60 and above)
6) [Souvenir] Tiamat's Statue
7) Tiamat's Wings (L60 and above)
8) A Quest Item, clicking it will allow you access to a quest (L60 and above)

There are no specific class restriction for the rewards you may get.

Eg. A chanter may receive a Mystic Grade Tome, A sorcerer may receive an Extendable Sword; you get the idea.

All items are non-tradable, weapons can be disenchanted.

Credits: All resources are from Duowan and Aion KR's site

.:: Reward stats and preview ::.


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Default Re: [3.5] The Dragon Lord's Sanctuary; All-you-need-to-know

Alliance Formation

It is highly encouraged you meet the bare minimums of the following;

- 2 Clerics
- 2 Chanters
- 2 Templars
- Have people who can range burst attack (to burst the floating Surkanas)

The reason being due to Phase II where the alliance has to split up to DPS the Incarnates, and also for Phase III. DPS needs to be maximized, hence the preference for 2 chanters so both groups can receive WoW and WOQ.

Please have the decency to ensure that all 12 members are present and are running together to the instance entrance. You're still waltzing through a PVP zone and some players may not care for PVE at all.

Prepare to expect some cawk-blocking to happen at either side of the instance entrance (just think of how Beshmundir Temple was like).

Gear Information

To make this simple, if you're not DPS-ing, you should be in a full MR set.

Anything from 2300 MR upward is recommended.

Stigma Spec

Dirty full PVE spec'ed, you're not PVP-ing or CC'ing anything in there so save it. I can't speak for the rest of the classes but;

- Clerics [Full Bene Spec]
- Templars [Full Empyrean Providence Spec] (make sure you have Aether Armour)
- Chanters [Full Elemental Screen Spec]
- Sorcerers [Full Glacial Shard Spec] (recommended to socket Ice Harpoon & Exchange Vitality)

Of course, if you're willing to hybrid here and there, it's completely up to your preference.

Instance Ethics

1. To everyone who isn't a cleric/chanter:

Please, please, please,


Bring pots of every kind (crystals, abyss pots) and ALWAYS have the habit of potting regardless of whether the clerics/chanters are healing you or not. Cultivate this habit, you'll need it strongly.

2. If you can and are available, please help to ress the dead. Everybody should have ress stones

3. Have ventrilo or whatever to communicate with. Everybody needs to be aware of what phase they are in or prepare for next. Better yet, brief your whole alliance before starting the instance

4. Empty your bladder, stock up all your beer at your PC, close away distractions before Phase I begins.

After you start with Phase I, there are no more room for breaks.

Video Walkthroughs

General Walkthrough

Templar Add Kiting Phase #1

Templar Add Kiting Phase #2

My Recommended Video Walkthrough

Phase III: In-Depth

This is just an in-depth section for the third phase of the fight since most people die in this phase. The reason is usually a lack of knowledge and synchronization for this fight (which is extremely important, you'll see why).

The Role of the DPS

Melee DPS - If you don't know what weaving is, well time for you to learn and remember it well. The fight is going to last a while, meaning even with all the pots you have, it's unlikely your MP bar will last. As a melee attacker, even your normal attacks contribute a significant amount of damage.

You should be weaving at all times to crank up optimal DPS.

Ranged/Magic DPS - There's really little choice for this category since every skill you use inevitably saps your MP ridiculously fast. Tiamat is actually designed smartly by the developers to allow some "secret" ample timing for regenerating MP if you need (this is only applicable before the 50% phase).

The Role of the Chain

I am splitting this up exclusively between Clerics and Chanters because they have different roles to fulfill.

Clerics - Above anything else, always ensure the following:

1) Have Hand of Reincarnation socketed
2) You have a MR set (with MR food, see the previous posts for MR recommendations)
3) Have Summer's Circle/Fine Fireproof Scrolls up

Depending on how many clerics are in the alliance, the responsibilities vary. But at any point, there should always be one cleric in charge of the DPS squad and another on the tankers. Your chanters will (and should) be aiding you in this, don't take a chanter who's only fixated on DPS-ing, you'll pretty much wipe.

The clerics in charge of the DPS team technically has an easier job, alliance leaders should work out which cleric is more capable of handling the tanker squad since it requires (literally) more player skill and synchronization. Once the add spawns, DO NOT mindlessly throw heals on your templars, you should know by now that the aggro generated by heals are high.

Regulate your heals, not only it keeps your aggro at bay, but it also saves you MP. In fact, your templar should be doing most of the work, your heals are his supplements. The chanters (assigned to the tanking squad) should be helping in case of emergencies.

Lastly, one important role for the clerics, it is compulsory to use Brilliant Protection at one point due to the necessary HP and heal boost.

Brilliant Protection: You'll have to sync with the templars you're assigned to when to throw out this skill. This should be mainly used at the peak of the add spawn (and their major survivability skills are used up). Refrain from carelessly throwing out this skill as it is vital.

Acquittal: This is more of an emergency skill than a necessity. This means you have to pre-pop DP beforehand if you're attempting this strategy. Or an alternative solution is to have one other cleric in charge of this.

I'll recommend saving this skill during the last few % of Tiamat's HP since it gets very dangerous in this phase. Clerics should be more than aware of the delay Acquittal has and you should pop it at least a few seconds before the "actual danger".

Tiamat below 50% phase, Cleric video perspective:

*Read the above before watching, or it just confuses you.

Chanters - You are largely providing mantras and assisting the clerics as a "nurse". Nothing shameful about that, your role is largely 75% support 25% DPS. Any chanter fixated on DPS shouldn't be allowed to join the alliance since they'll definitely put your entire alliance in jeopardy!

You have healing roles to fulfill although it's less hectic than what the clerics will be facing. Be automatic, if there's a need to Recovery Spell or resurrect someone, do it!

Never mind if it maybe unnecessary in the end, better be safe than sorry.

The Role of the Templar

Frankly, you're the lifeline of the alliance. How the run fares at the end of this phase is largely upon you. Depending on the strategy your alliance intends to adopt, you may be DPS-ing or doing nothing at all during the first 50% phase.

Once the add spawns, taunt/pull it and start kiting around. Keep close to your assigned cleric, and more importantly, don't panic! Do not blow all your vital skills at once or overuse.

Eg. Using Doom Lure on add #1, add #2 spawns, you use Illusion Chains to pull add #1 and #2 together

How it should have been done: Using Doom Lure on add #1, add #2 spawns, you use Taunt. Subsequently, rotate one skill each to pull adds.

Any add that you pull will primarily stay on you with ease, if they kept running to harass your DPS-ers I can only say somebody is accidentally attacking them and gaining more aggro than you (DPS-ers should not be touching adds at all).

Your Primary Vitals:

- Empyrean Providence
- Shield of Faith
- Iron Skin
- Empyrean Armour
- Prayer of Resilience
- Prayer of Victory
- Aether Armour
- Unwavering Devotion

Your Secondary Vitals:

- Panoply of Protection
- Bodyguard

Your Taunts:

- Cry of Ridicule
- Threatening Taunt
- Provoking Roar
- Incite Rage
- Taunt

Your Pulls:

- Doom Lure
- Illusion Chains

You should be cycling through these skills (and I emphasize again, DO NOT BLOW THEM ALL AT ONCE). From this list and the cooldowns, there are more than one way to consistently taunting and pulling adds without wastage. Your secondary vitals are usually more to provide assistance to the cleric or another templar, I would not recommend using Bodyguard however, unless in the most dire of situations.

Utilizing your DP is also important and mandatory, like the clerics, you have to pre-pop your DP beforehand (and most likely stack 8k's worth for added insurance).

Hand of Healing: This is your life save, don't waste it. You'll have to synchronize with your cleric to ensure this doesn't go to waste (Eg. popping HoH with BP is a definite waste of resources).

Zikel's Shield/Nezekan's Shield: Recommended to be used when you find the situation to be an extreme risk. This can be used in conjunction with Aether's Armour for maximum usability.

Chastisement of Darkness/Divine Chastisement

This is honestly up to the templar's personal preference, I support this with a neutral stance although it's obvious that the elyos version is a better deal (blocks all attacks for 15s).

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Default Re: [3.5] The Dragon Lord's Sanctuary; All-you-need-to-know

The Dragon Lord's Sanctuary Patch Updates

22 August 2012 Updates

1. 일부 인스턴스 던전이 입장 후 일정 시간이 지나야만 재입장하는 방식에서 특정 시간이 지나면 입장 제한이 풀리는 방식이 되었다.

Instance cooldowns/opening period for The Dragon Lord's Sanctuary to be adjusted:

변경 전: 입장 후 1일 16시간

Before: 1 Day & 16 Hours

변경 후: 월, 수, 금, 토, 일요일 오전 9시

After: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 9am

2. 신화등급 아이템의 일부 능력치를 변경.

Some of the mystic grade equipment have stat changes

- 용제의 환희: 일정 확률로 시전 속도 대신 공격 속도 옵션이 붙을 수 있다

Added a chance of receiving a cast speed version for the mace

- 용제의 고뇌: 마법 저항이 소폭 상승한다.

Increased Magic Resistance stat for the (Cleric's) Shield.
26 September 2012 Updates

1. 용제의 안식처에 배치된 용제 티아마트와 마지막 전투가 시작되면 우측 상단에 타이머가 보여지도록 하였습니다.

A Timer is now included at the top right of the player's screen to allow players to gauge the time.

2. 용제의 안식처에서 등장하는 불꽃의 주인 칼린디를 처치할 경우 아이템을 드롭하도록 변경하였습니다.
- 영웅 등급 티아마트 친위대 방어구 및 상급 강화 보조제(신화용) 등을 획득할 수 있습니다.

Flame Lord Calindi will now drop Epic Tiamat armours and Mystic Grade Supplements as a reward upon death.

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Default Re: [3.5] The Dragon Lord's Sanctuary; All-you-need-to-know

Excellent preview!
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Default Re: [3.5] The Dragon Lord's Sanctuary; All-you-need-to-know

Beat me to it Insurance, but I got to say you couldn't have done a better job making this guide. Also, I think those floating yellow orb things cause those fissures while fighting Tiamat. Dat near instawipe.

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Default Re: [3.5] The Dragon Lord's Sanctuary; All-you-need-to-know

<Reserved Souken>
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Default Re: [3.5] The Dragon Lord's Sanctuary; All-you-need-to-know

Originally Posted by Jambo - Israphel View Post
Excellent preview!
Hope it helped!

Originally Posted by Zelendrius - Israphel View Post
Beat me to it Insurance, but I got to say you couldn't have done a better job making this guide. Also, I think those floating yellow orb things cause those fissures while fighting Tiamat. Dat near instawipe.
Thank you! I saw in some of the videos that the templars were running around it and hitting it for some reason though and hence my suspicion.
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Default Re: [3.5] The Dragon Lord's Sanctuary; All-you-need-to-know

Q: Is there a set of recommended builds for the alliance? I'm happy seeing some glads in successful alliances over there already.
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Default Re: [3.5] The Dragon Lord's Sanctuary; All-you-need-to-know

Originally Posted by Jambo - Israphel View Post
Q: Is there a set of recommended builds for the alliance? I'm happy seeing some glads in successful alliances over there already.
This is dependent on the alliance's preference really, as long the primary requirements of the classes get fulfilled, DPS is up to the group's decision.

(I've never seen more than 2 glads in one alliance so far)

Find 11 friends/legion mates, it's highly unlikely anyone will ever pug for this.

Team co-op is extremely important here.
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Default Re: [3.5] The Dragon Lord's Sanctuary; All-you-need-to-know

Originally Posted by Insurance - Tiamat View Post
it's highly unlikely anyone will ever pug for this.
Yay guess who never gets invited to anything. qq

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