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Default Cleric leveling gear and instance question

I've been reading the forums, but since all of the "guide" type posts were written some time ago I was hoping a fellow cleric or two could clear some things up for me...

I'm just a baby cleric, 26, and just put on a brand new shiny set of bronze coin chain (Yes, I said BRONZE, cuz that's how I roll). However, after looking at stat differences closer, I'm thinking I should save up again and go for cloth for leveling. I'm going solo so probably very little, if any, group healing for me at this time. For leveling, could I think of clerics as mages that heal? If so, when's a good time to start swapping back to chain? I'm guessing around 60 or so.....

Also, when can I start soloing instances? As they become available or wait till "x" levels over entry minimum? And if I'm going to be soloing them, is cloth still ok or should I have a couple sets. One for instances and one for enjoying leveling in the great ole out-of-doors?

I also got rid of my yellow staff from the helpful winged lady people (no idea what they're called atm) when I put on that brand new bronze set (Go bronze or go home, I always say!) and tried the mace/shield way of life and it made me, so probably going to save coins again for a blue staff.
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Default Re: Cleric leveling gear and instance question

1: Go all the way till 65 with cloth due to mana. With more mana, more pew pew, less stress with *oh god my mana is low*.

At 65, you should start farming Blood Marks and Kahrun Symbols to get your chain equipments. At this moment, you are gonna farm the chain gear you are gonna start using. Until you get any of these gears, just use cloth. Some cloth pieces also offer more MB, so more damage too!

You can start soloing instances as soon as you get to 16. The Haramel instance is a solo instance.


No jokes here, as soon as you hit 26, you can buy the bronze coin gear (cloth) and solo Norchansa Training Camp without any freaking Magic Boost mana stone slotted (i know it because i did it).

That means that you can solo any dungeon all the way till Beshmundir Temple (and some others too, like Raksang, and others). Of course, some bosses are not soloable, but most of them are.

Here is a list of instances you may be insterested at soloing for leveling purposes:

NTC: 25-31
FT: 31-35
Aetherogenetic Labs (elyos) / Alquimia Research Center (asmo): 35-40

From 40 to 46, just do blue quests around your level.

46-51: Adma Stronghold/theobomos lab (theo lab is easier to be soloed, and i couldnt solo adma stronghold because of the suboss that summons a thousand box monsters >.>)

51-53: Lower Udas/Udas temple (Aim to farm the elite monsters for experience ;p). Might want to duo this one, because it is safer. You can also do the blue quests around Inggisson/Gelkmaros, because they offer a ridiculous good chunk of exp. I'd recommend you do the blue quests, tested both methods, and the gelk/ing quests are waaay better.

53-56: Duo beshmundir Temple.

56-65: Now that you have flashbolt, soloing beshmundir temple is a breeze (but you wont be able to solo Virhanna >.>). Bring a full magic boost slotted mithril coin cloth set with a combined staff with full magic boost too. Get sacrificial power once you are at 60 for more damage. Be sure to save all your exp amulets for this moment.

While you are not soloing, you can do blue quests/campaign quests too.

All the dungeons before Udas do not require any magic Boost mana stone slotted. Solo all of them without any mana stone.
And didnt even need gear, just used the ones i got from quests/events.

And btw, you can heal any group while wearing cloth, as long as it is not a endgame instance.

Thank you for reading.

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Default Re: Cleric leveling gear and instance question

Thanks for the reply AND the quick breakdown of instances/levels. Much appreciated.

P.S. What do you mean Haramel is a SOLO instance? Maybe that's why my group couldn't get in...
*Patiently waits for the trolls that don't understand sarcasm to reply....*

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