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Default Re: #Neverforget

Originally Posted by Malagen - Siel View Post
Best clerics to play this game were the following:


That is it. Nobody was better than either of those three, except for the original China from Tiamat really.. forgot his name.
Vzw is obvious.

Blue is more of a jack of all trades cleric like myself. He shined in all aspects of the cleric, especially on the DPS side, however, as for support, he was good but just wasn't among the top tier clerics.

Zunnie?...very bias. Too many times I've seen her mess up due to timing, using wrong moves at certain times, letting teammates die due to not accounting for delays from animation (ripple), not having beno up, list goes on...

If we were to talk about the top 3 at least I would say:

Vzw is in 2nd

3rd would go to a cleric that many haven't really heard of because she never put herself out there, but Mishat easily takes this spot. Girl is always on point.

1st place has to go to Hopea. Vzw does a great job with keeping his plate partner alive against zergs but Hopea does the same thing with a cloth partner. How? Dunno, go ask her.


EDITED: Ahhh, Rearbear! I forgot rearbear! I'd say he's up there with hopea or Vzw.

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Default Re: #Neverforget

How could you forget the Raerest of bears? The Oceanic Vzw.

And 3.9 looks pretty cool. It would be nice to see how the game was in the patch just before I started and run into old players from that time.

Was looking forward to doing that here, but they just decided to merge new Siel with old Siel , so it's not as interesting as meeting old stalwarts from other servers.

As much as I don't have it in my heart to get back into this game, I still really value the players that made this community, and I would happily join a game I know they would play.
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Default Re: #Neverforget

Who is zunnie is that their nickname because i never once saw a zunnie on siel maybe i was just unfortunate... or fortunate to not come cross them.
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