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Default Re: Kumuki's Daring Rescue Rewards List

My take on this **event**

Bonus Xp is always nice and if combined with Xp amulet stars,repose is far superior to running Foo.

Implementation is poor the mobs are buggy as hell,some that shouldn't agro regularly do.

Supicious box location is a pain to get too.

Spinel medals,so far recieved absolutely none.

Golden keys,given these can only be acquired by using Real money or kinah,the Prize table is utter Nyerk,the highest bundles are far to Rare for the cost,and the prize pool for even high grade bundles is utter crap.

For exp yes good event,for prizes its complete rubbish but i wouldnt expect anything less from Ncwest.Korea gets far far better items than us and Events overall,we are both paying customers,yet NA gets crap.

A highest grade Reward bundle should read something like this.
Provenance Weapon box
Temper Solution*5
Omega Enchant stone*5
Spinel medals*20
Berdin Star*30
Abyssal Star*20
Thats a decent prize table for the rarest one,what you have on there currently is garbage.
Also Reduction stones freaking seriously stop making these souldbound from events we pay cash should be sellable.

We wont need mergers the way it's going,people will just quit witha handful of mega whales left,games gone to the dogs.

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Default Re: Kumuki's Daring Rescue Rewards List

us try get items weapon with sancrifice , more all this is temporaly because aion all time updating.

aion was 7 year no much pay to win, more now exist a exaggeration?
you buy a cell in real life today, tomorrow need buy other because he is other version.

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Default Re: Kumuki's Daring Rescue Rewards List

My low level alts are finding it impossible to kill the last boss. The boss doesnt hit hard enough to kill me, but its the 3spawn adds that 1shot me. I barely have 1second to use skill on it before i die. At least the boss is kiteable etc, but the adds lvl/attack dmg seem OP.

On my alts ranging from 65-72 i have no problems with the adds, they hit for little dmg so i have time to use skills to despawn them. Boss still kiteable so i can wittle them eventually.

It seems the boss is scaled to lvl, but the adds arent.
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Default Re: Kumuki's Daring Rescue Rewards List

Applause for Mohiko, spoke some truths too, only the king mkz and some disagreement kk, anyway event junk event that does not matter if you do not pay and look the same paying you do not have
The Aion is walking by End and the NC company will try to take his underwear until declaring bankruptcy

Some NC worshiping people will be one of the people without underwear at the end of it all.

Luck luck for the blind or do not want to see what is happening

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