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Hi all,

I am creating a GENERIC guide to crafting. I am looking for brief info on each one in regards to how difficult the crafting is, if it is good for making money, what the final requires, and if there are large amounts of gathering. I'm asking each craft types forum for a few tips and answers to these questions.

Any help is appreciated.

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Default Re: Guide Assistance

Handicrafting is an ok craft. You can make tons of money with it if you know the right things to craft. My issues with the craft are that you need to gather so much just to make anything worth while. Its saving grace is that the same nodes you extract to make the jewelry are going to give you the ore procs for the ore needed for the weapons. The changes to morphing are going to help this craft a ton. In the past part of why it was so hard to craft anything was due to needing proced ore and sometimes those take forever to get. As for as hitting expert in the craft, for me it was a nightmare. I spent well over 30 million kinah easily on it. I put off upgrading all my gear till I finally got this done as of this passed Monday. Final requires worthy noble durable egrasi bow. A lvl 50 blue weapon. To have any realistic chance of getting this you will need to plan on making 20+ bows to have enough procs for this. I got lucky near the end so I am trying to sell back the last bow I had left over from the expert test.

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