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Default bring rng back.

I miss not being able to predict all procs/fails with 100% accuracy

this Fixed system you guys are on now is not only worse than enchanting/socketing was before but near impossible unless you have hundreds of dollars to spend on BCM during the respected events for omegas and temperings or have no life and play this 24/7 to grind out the kinah..not to mention i can predict every single proc and fail for the last few months ive been back here..havent missed yet

this currently does not present a fair 50/50 chance for the player and needs to be changed immediately...
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Default Re: bring rng back.

???? Are you saying currently you can predict a success over a fail? Because since the 5.3 patch its been a huge difference than 5.1. In my opinion you're just very lucky because there is no way to tell a success over a fail and it is 50/50 at this point in time in 5.3. Tempering had some kind of trick in 5.1 but that's completely out the window now.
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