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Default Greater Output Fail?

So i have just recently reached the master lvl and and am only 500p. I had started Handicrafting because i wanted a mount. Unfortunately my character was only a lvl 58 Templar and because of this i could't find any recipes for 500+ that i could do. All the easy ones needed me to gather 499 essencetapping(which i had) for lvls 60+ or to spend a lot of Abyss Point(which i didn't have). I had the necessary ingredients for the recipe and i did no want to wait until lvl 60. So i decided to risk it all. I started to craft the mount and th success bar started to fill and it was filling much more than the fail bar so i was happy. Then when the success bar was 100% full i was YEEEEES. For exactly half a second when the Greater Output appeared and the fail bar started filling. Luckily i made it somehow and after a series of wiping my sweat with a handkerchief(i am joking) i got the Sharptooth Bloodletter. As for the end result i am a lvl 58 with lvl 60 mount which i can't ride. So i will have to wait until lvl 60 after all. But then again i still got a better mount so i am still happy. But i started to wander what would have happened if i had failed the greater output(since i had never failed one when i got it before). Would i have lost the normal output item too????

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