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Old 09-03-2016, 02:07 AM
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Default NPC strength set not acordingly with their lvl and class

Ok, i have a chanter lvl 66, decently geared (65 gear), and with some dungeon items.
How (you can't imagine what kind of words i can say here) it's possible to get 9000 dmg from a lvl 45 elite guard, (by using soul slash) ????!!!!
Well doesn't mater the skill because other normal & skill hits was around 2500-5000 dmg each !!! And i was full buffed, scrolled, food, mantras !!! Yeah, i was in Asmodae for a quest, no end ofc.
No more needed to tell that after 4 hits i was down, insane!
Do you thing is something wrong with this picture ?!
Maybe, so i have the right to think everything :D

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Default Re: NPC strength set not acordingly with their lvl and class

There is nothing wrong with that. Guards are special NPCs which are introduced so you do not access zones you are not supposed to, and, for example, camp quest NPCs for the opposing faction. There is a reason why guard NPCs aggro on you even if you are 10 levels higher than them.
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