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Default Weapon mastery

Every character learns weapon mastery skills automatically, and these are passive skills (always on).

Weapon mastery damage bonus is (base weapon damage + damage from all equipment enchantments) * mastery percent.

For example, a level 60 chanter with 280-380 damage staff and 5 pieces of +4 armor (+20 damage), giving 300-400 effective weapon damage.
That chanter has Advanced Staff Training IV, which gives +25% damage bonus. The damage bonus is 75-100.

Different weapon types have different mastery damage % bonuses. Weapon master damage mastery is not indicated in the skill description in-game.

See spreadsheet below:
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Default Re: Weapon mastery

I just found this thread from google and I've got a question about mace/staff/orb/tome and dual wield mastery

Does mace/staff/orb/tome increase magic dmg ? (magic boost or magic attack?) or it only increase physical or auto attack in case orb/tome

How does dual wield mastery works ?

Thank a lot momo your post is always useful.

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