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Default Re: Event: Best of 2013 Forum Quotes

MRW I've won something

Edit: All credit to Mrdisappointment/SirSquidPigeon/Randle(?)

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Default Re: Event: Best of 2013 Forum Quotes

ima have to browse more, thers one about someone facing a tower in katalam that was hacking cos it wiped ther group int two shots \o/

for now ima be lazy n quote myself cos i just made myself giggle :P(aint hard considering the empty wine bottles next to me)

Originally Posted by Avinalaf - Tiamat View Post
poss started on SL then after filling in the questionnaire they wer moved to KH, its a doozie, everyone should try it

please read all questions then answer.

1, what class are you?
2, have you ever played Lick the Window before when ther was no window?
3, are you the result of sibling intimacy?
4, have you at any time in the future counted to potato?
5, did someone install aion for you due to weeks of laughing at you hitting the O and N button on your keyboard to start your computer?
6, are you?
7, when you first used a mouse, did you keep lifting it off the mouse mat to get the cursor to move up on the screen?
8, do you have a cat and if so, does it keep shining a torch on the wall and laugh at you?
9, when you first heard about keybinds did you reach into your pocket and pull them out and say "what do i bind them to?"
10, only answer question3
11, did you find the teletubbies intimidating as you could not follow the story?
12, is this the way to Amarillo?
13, can you see the snowman?
potato, have you ever made a forum thread asking how to make a forum thread?
15, when counting, do you have to remove your shoes n socks to count past 14 as you ran outta fingers/thumbs?

if you answered YES to one or more of the questions, you belong on KH

o/t GRATS Aly, i demand a piccie o ya smexyness in ya new millinery ^^
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Default Re: Event: Best of 2013 Forum Quotes

Originally Posted by Gamegenie - Siel View Post
MRW I've won something

Edit: All credit to Mrdisappointment/SirSquidPigeon/Randle(?)
Man, I know somebody who looks like that guy.
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Default Re: Event: Best of 2013 Forum Quotes

Originally Posted by Forthyn - Siel View Post
I really hope not. Mal, don't forget your fans that you have over here, like this player so openly expressed on LFG for your behalf when people tried dissing you. It was quite touching, and I'd have to share the sentiment.

If you really try dabbling on the other side you must let me be your pocket Cleric. :3
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Default Re: Event: Best of 2013 Forum Quotes

Originally Posted by {CM} Hime - Siel View Post
Man, I know somebody who looks like that guy.

10pts to me if I rng Google'd your friend. I can't tell if he's in a bit of pain, or he just really appreciates some self-lovin lol
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Default Re: Event: Best of 2013 Forum Quotes

I don't know how this one was overlooked, but I'm bumping it for more lolz just cuz.

PvP Patch Notes 3.7 (translated by Vexia)
Originally Posted by Aracia - Siel View Post
  • Sleep Arrow base MACC buffed to 6000 using the HideYoWifeHideYoKids (he gonna find you) algorithm.
  • Sleep Arrow duration buffed to 3 hours.
  • Sleep Arrow renamed to "Coma Arrow".
  • Bestial Fury in addition to giving permanent 30% attack speed and 30% p attk now buffs attack range to 60 meters.
  • 12 second cooldown skill "Forehead to 1234 Combo" resets upon casting Coma Arrow.
  • Infinite instant cast AoE Blind and Sleep traps added.

Spirit Master
  • Upon pressing insta-fear, the enemy's keyboard is now ejected from their USB port.
  • In the event the enemy can format C in time to use their last 1000 HP, the SM will play a minigame to put their 80,000hp/ immune to cc/ everlasting barrier up.
  • Press any button to use infinite slows and stuns while removing 7 buffs and instant killing the opponent -and most likely the entire enemy group.

  • Using 3 CC's and blowing five cooldowns to kill one of the enemy group members before running away via Illusion Gate will now automatically type "hde" for the player.

  • Alternating Doom Lure and Illusion Chains while jumping around in a circle now reduces the enemy ping to 3000ms.
  • Press any button for invincibility or max HP.
  • Be a fishing lure for any player of any other class and be taken into every instance and loved by all while Gladiators cry forever.

  • Swapping a +15 60 eternal extend into a +15 mythic upon knockdowns is a bug that makes Gladiator seem viable. This is a glitch and will be phased out next patch.
  • Gladia *rooted* *potion* tor can *rooted* now *rooted* and *rooted* *rooted* *silence* *rooted* *paralyzed* *rooted*.
  • Strengthen Wings now actually increases *rooted*.

  • Asmo Assassins may use their 250% pattk buffs and use the Laggiest Laggy of all Laggy Shadowfalls to instant kill their opponent once per 10 minutes.
  • Elyos Assassins may now go to the Black Cloud Market to save time rerolling to a new class.

  • Cleric is immune to all CC and has infinite HP.
  • Cleric can out dps sorc.
  • They get a dash in 4.0 - they need it. And another flash heal!
  • Cleric can solo 6 man instances and make 50mil+ while they do so.
  • But don't worry, your girlfriend is the only Cleric you know and she's "a clicker."

  • 1% of Chanters now out-dps and out-burst Gladiators.
  • They also out-heal clerics.
  • The rest of the Chanters make everyone forget Chanters are in the game.
  • Chanter now has five Remove Shocks.
  • Chanters now have more knockdowns than Gladiators.
  • Chanter now has zero attacking or healing cooldowns.
  • Chanter takes 1/2 damage forever. (Only when not invincible).
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Default Re: Event: Best of 2013 Forum Quotes

i liked this 1 because i realy like lore and stuff.

Originally Posted by Microcosmos - Siel View Post
Note: Figured I'd give this its own thread ^^;

HUGE Plot Twist Inc~

Lady Siel and Lord Israphel were star-crossed high school sweethearts. They had gotten married and now eagerly await the birth of their first child. Their families, the Empyrean Lords, sit anxiously in the waiting room. As the baby cried for the first time, heads snapped around to witness -


Chaos ensues! Two families who were united were now fighting amongst themselves on account of the mutant newborn.

The Seraphim Lords, Israphel's kin, blamed the catastrophe on Siel. Whereas the Shedim Lords, relatives of Siel, insisted that Israphel was at fault for impregnating her. Poor girl, she died from the rigours of childbirth.

This was the real spark behind the Millenium War.

What of Israphel? He became a social outcast, imprisoned in a desolate cemetary, known to his hostile in-laws as Munin. Driven mad with the loss of his wife, he gave rise to the Lephardists in hopes that a way can be found to resurrect her so that they can be together forever.

Whatever became of their child?

They named him Beritra. He had a baby girl whom he loved dearly: Tiamat. Banished by his relatives who were out for his blood, she was his only consolation in his wretched life. Unbeknownst to him, however, she plotted to overthrow him and take his place as the leader of the Balaur.

When Tiamat died at the hands of the descendants of the Empyrean Lords, Asmodians and Elyos, Beritra vowed to kill every last one of them to revenge his only child.
and i liked this 1 too because the last picture was just tooo cute, and well, its about JAMBO!

Originally Posted by Alysynne - Israphel View Post
There he is..

There he is..

Okay. Technically that's cake in your fridge, but close enough, right?

Yup. He was there, too!

but even if i were to somehow to win any prizes ( i never do) dont worry about sending me any, i only do this for fun. and i dont know if my characters are still around cause i still cant DL the game :(

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Default Re: Event: Best of 2013 Forum Quotes

As per request..

Thank you, 'Avin!
Nyinu (Kahrun/Asmo)

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Default Re: Event: Best of 2013 Forum Quotes

Can i please get a link to Zelandia's "potato" post?

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