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Default BT quests

Since BT(HM) is the go to place to get to level 65 I figured a collection of all the quests around BT would be a nice thing to have. I've made a colour coded spreadsheet that includes all quests related to the instance. Similarly coloured quests are related. There is a slight overlap with Udas Temple/Lower Udas Temple (I may add quests for this instance later).

I made this sheet for myself initially, but decided I would publish it here on the forums. Any constructive criticism is very much appreciated.

The spreadsheet: BT quests

  • The quests are for Asmodians. Every quest has an Elyos equivalent. I may add links to these in the future.
  • I have used as my source.
  • The non-repeatable quests award a total of 70 Decrees of Valor. Additional Decrees can be earned through a repeatable quest that awards 5.
  • The repeatable quests give experience, unlike most repeatable quests in Gelkmaros.

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