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Default Re: Kumuki's Daring Rescue Event (Not so happy)

Originally Posted by Stanza - Siel View Post
SFT gave keys to get loot, which that event didnt give me really any AP at all... now this event you get 5 bags for free thats AP and a chance for medals that we all need(dont forget the easy exp you get from the sam kings)... and the AP we get is amazing compared to the last shugo events and what not. Open a box get like 1 goblet... i open 5 bags and get stacks of relics. But gambling is fun if you can afford it. I always throw a small chances see if i get anything, if not then oh well.
Same for me, I play the prestige case gamble - don't qq when I only get 5 bloodmarks but feel good when I get a tempering solution. If I was gonna qq every time the dice rolled bad, I would never have any fun.

Aion events are just like everything else Aion - it's all one big casino.
All PvP is not bad. Some is just better than others.

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