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Default DP S Rank / BESH NM Looking for Static Member / Group. SIEL ELOYS!

Hi. I am pretty geared glad who is looking for static members for DP S Rank & BESH NM. My Priority is S Rank. I tanked before... but normally I have Sin friend who tank once Taha hits 80% ish HP.

1. Oppa means --girls address older guys as (오빠) Oppa. This indicates to the older person that they want to be friends without being disrespectful
2. Yes.. I am Korean American.

Oppa / lvl55 Glad.
Already got PvP Set /// Instance set mix with Anu/Besh set.
***Looking for Nice Players who is willing to put little time during the week and have fun!!***
***I ran S Rank before but just hard to find members who is willing to do.
1. Time. Normally Monday - Thursday Start 8:45PM PST.
2. LvL -- Prefer 55 but do not care about lvl as long as weapon is +10 or higher unless you have Hero grade. Cleric do not have to have weapon enchanted.
3. Maxtime spend in instance -- Less then 1 hr 40 Min.
4. Chatting -- Xfire(Free just like vent) or Vent
5. Mainly Looking for -- 1. Cleric 2. Chant 3. Sorc 4. Ranger 5. SM 6. Tank
6. Flame set not required... If you are Cleric/Chant it is good to wear for you guys.
7. Must have item -- 1 Self rez stone, 2 Life Crystal or equivalent, 2 Fine fire proof scroll, around 6000 greater or higher shard on both slots(total 12K). All the regular scrolls... attackspeed/cast speed/critic etc..

Plz Mail me in game if it work out or comment below :). I put time as 8:45 since that should be about time for C Dredge end time. This is not something we have to go everyday Monday - Thursday; however, I am thinking at least twice during that time frame. Weekends.. I am on a lot on Sat... so almost anytime I can run.

****BESH Normal Mode
1. Any Class is Welcome -- Thinking to gather enough pieces from normal mode before I go Hard Mode. Got 2 pieces so far. Must have Cleric / Chant
2. Time: 8:45PM PST
3. Maxtime spend in Instance --- Around 2 Hrs.
4. Thinking to run this days I do not do S Rank.
5. and YES... I can Tank in Normal Mode.

Please Mail me :) quite honestly, if I can get this group going for Siel eloys... days we don't run S Rank due to few players are missing.. then we can do BESH... Think it is a great idea as long as people can commit 2 days during week days.

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