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Default Chat Silence Feature Guide and FAQ

What is the Chat Silence Feature?
The Chat Silence Feature is a new system we’ve implemented during our July 2, 2014 maintenance. The feature allows players to report spammers in the chat channels and eventually lead up to the player being silenced.

To report a player to silence, type /silence <player name here> into the chat window. We do not have the functionality to right-click a player name in chat to silence as we do the block function. You can make a macro or right-click the player name to block like you normally do and save the name to use /silence.
You should only report players using the chat system in violation of the terms of service especially on Kinah sellers and spammers. It should not be used to report players you find annoying or simply dislike.

How does it work?
Every time a player is reported through the /silence feature, it is flagged in our system. When a player reaches a certain number of reports, the player is silenced.

What happens when I silence a player?
After you silence a player, you will see a confirmation of your action in your chat window. You cannot silence the same player more than once a day.
What happens to the silenced player?
When a player receives enough reports, their messages will not be displayed in Say, Whisper, Shout, Group chat, Legion chat, Alliance / League chat and other Chat Channels. Silenced players also cannot open private stores and send mail.

- Frequently Asked Questions -
Can I report players from the other faction?
You cannot report players from the other faction. If you are being harassed by another player from the other faction, you can report him or her through our Support system.

How is player abuse prevented?
With any automated system, there will always be people who want to abuse the feature. We encourage our players to make only legitimate reports. We do have checks and balances in place that prevents false reports from being generated too quickly and we have a tool that allows us to see the reported and the reporter.

How do I know if I’ve been silenced?
If you have been silenced you will notice that you cannot open a private store or use the mail. If you believe that you’ve have been maliciously targeted, please contact our Support team and we will resolve the matter shortly.

- Other Questions -
By illegitimate players are we saying that we should only be reporting goldspammers or does this include harassing or abusive players? ~Switzerland
We encourage players to use the function to report chat violations especially Kinah selling spammers. If you are being harassed, please contact Support versus using the function. Do not use the feature on players you dislike or find annoying; we have the /block command for that.

Can silence godstones trigger the disabled chat state? XD ~Kuraciel
Skills or Godstones will not trigger the silence command.

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