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Default Missing Ishalgen Campaign Quest

Character Name: Popsycle
Server: Tiamat
Patch #:

Summary: Reached level 10 and still haven't unlocked quest "Hit Them Where It Hurts" from NPC Mijou.

Date/Time: May 4, 2012. 4am PST

Description: I didn't notice it until after I reached level 10 and completed the quest "Teaching a Lesson". The NPC Mijou gave me my reward for the Teaching a Lesson quest, but the quest "Hit Them Where It Hurts" was still ???? in my quest log. The quest log says the requirements are: Unlocked at level 6.

Repro Steps: I have no clue how to repro this bug. It may have happened after a server merge, or after one of the big patches that improved quest rewards.

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