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Default What to do D:

So here's the situation:
I "powerleveled" to 55, thinking that I would be able to get geared on the way up. However, this was not the case, therefore leaving me with 1 piece of level appropriate gold armor, and the rest being blues. I would like to start getting PvP gear and such, but I haven't saved up any AP at all.

So I'm stuck on what I should do:
  • Start earning AP and get the level 30e set, and upgrade when more AP is earned.
  • Grind the Stormwing or Udas armor sets and get by using it for PvE/PvP
  • Save up for 50e PvP armor and buy it outright

Thanks for your time!!!~
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Default Re: What to do D:


First, do you plan on soloing a lot or are you a group kind of person? Now what about during PVP?

If you are soloing a lot, I would recommend mentoring for 2-3 weeks and buying the gold 55 mentor cloth set. It's got nice bonuses and it's a guaranteed armor set, not random like Udas/Besh/etc. Then you can either continue soloing until you get a better set or you can go straight into earning your AP to buy some AP gear.

If you group a lot, I recommend the mentor chain armor. It's almost as good as the Udas armor, but it gives different set bonuses. I'm pretty sure the mentor chain gives healing boost, which will help tremendously with your healing. Especially if you socket noble grace and benevolence. Then just zerg in gelk and do dredge to earn your AP gear with a group and you'll be good to go.

I'm not big on armor, but this is what I plan on doing once I get enough for my set :P I'm 75 tokens away from a full mentor 55 chain set.
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Default Re: What to do D:

For pvp, the 30e set you will have to +15 to make it even remotely not laughable. However it will give you SOME mitigation in the mean time. I reccomend the 40e set and +10ing it if that a viable option for your game time/activity. You're ely, so AP/Medals should be easy to come by on this server.

Then upgrade accs to whichever lvl you plan on going (Ofc I reccomend the 55 eternal), and then upgrade armor. Once again you have to take into acct your play time, play style (group, solo, duo, trio, etc), which spec you want to go, etc etc.

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