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Default Re: Handcrafting 450+

Ok I realize this thread is old, but all the threads in the crafting sections seem to be.

I just hit 450 handicrafting, and went to take a look at the prices of the balaur mats that people are suggesting. I don't know if they've just increased over time or what but they're outrageous! My server/faction doesn't have enough solid balaur scales to make any significant gain with and firm balaur horns are going for 200k a pop.

Is there really no cheaper alternative for leveling this craft? I know it's an expensive craft but I'd prefer to not go completely broke while trying to level it if at all possible.
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Default Re: Handcrafting 450+

You could craft the items for the Siel's spear quest....but you will gain no profit that way, as people don't do that quest line anymore.

Or you can craft items for the shapers daily (even if you don't have the quest).

To get a significant amount of balaur mats without spending a dime or doing any work you would need to buy a house, and invest in balaur plants. That's what I do, it gives 50 of a random firm balaur item (scales/skin/horn/meat). But then I guess if you don't already have a house, you would then, be spending money..and alot of it lol.

The prices on broker fluctuate because people don't know the worth of them...

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